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Wednesday, 2 November 2011


MJ Michael Jackson trial: The man guilty of MJ’s murder  Conrad Murray says he will not testify Conrad Murray, Michael Jackson's doctor, has told a judge he will not testify in his own defence, as testimony in his involuntary manslaughter trial came to a close.

The Closing arguments in this now six-week long case will begin Thursday - one of the final steps before jurors begin deliberations.

(So called Doctor) Murray held his hands over his mouth as if he was praying in the moments before Superior Court Judge Michael Pastor asked the cardiologist whether he intended to take the stand.

The judge also asked if he understood the decision was his alone to make.

"Have you made up your mind," Judge Pastor asked.

Dr Murray paused, looked at all his lawyers, seemed to sigh and said, "My decision is I will not testify in this matter."

Which in the London Times mind, it’s his own admission of his guilt? (We have all been blamed of things we have and have not done, when have done it we know so when we haven’t done it but are accused of it we make a stand to show we innocents don’t we?

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