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Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Two faced Theresa May can not be trusted

Two faced Theresa May says I won't resign over UK Border Agency row but I’m willingly hanging out to dry the suspended UK Border Force chief Brodie Clark, Clark has been treated with "contempt" by Home Secretary Theresa May, his representatives and close friends have said.

Sir Michael Black-Feather the English first minister said; the women  has just shown her true colours in hanging Clark out to dry, just to try and cover herself, and it is she that’s need to be treated with the contempt she has shown him and should be dismissed for neglect of her duty and gross  misconduct at the very least.

Bold faced Theresa May has told British MPs she will not resign over revelations that UK border checks were relaxed over a four month period at her orders.

Bold faced May said UK Border Force boss Brodie Clark must take responsibility for his "unauthorised actions".

May allowed some checks on European travellers to be relaxed but says Clark went further in scaling back checks, without her approval.

Labour says it is "shocking" she cannot say how many airports relaxed checks.

It is understood Mr Clark is discussing his position with union officials from the First Division Association, which represents senior civil servants.

Questioned about the row by MPs on the Commons home affairs committee, Mrs May said she had not told the Cabinet of her decision to allow officials to relax checks on some European travellers arriving in the UK.

The "limited" pilot was an "operational matter", she said, which "did not in any way put border security at risk".

The idea was that at busy times, it was safer to carry out "intelligence-led" checks on suspicious passengers rather than mandatory checks on all passengers, including those who were "low risk", she said.

Labour committee member David Winnick told her that the relaxation of controls meant that "presumably thousands" of people had been allowed in to the UK who "may well have been stopped if the proper procedures" had been stuck to.

He suggested ministers should take full responsibility for a "major blunder" on their watch and asked if there was any question of Mrs May resigning - to which the home secretary responded: "No."

Mrs May said there were other procedures which prevented people from arriving illegally in the UK - including the e-Borders programme and the identification of potential threats by UK officers overseas.

She said she would take responsibility for the authorised pilot - which she suggested had led to a 10% increase in the detection of illegal immigrants - but Mr Clark must "take full responsibility for his actions".

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