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Monday, 27 June 2011

Cameron hasn't a clue

Halfwit British Prime Minister David Cameron insists military backs Libya mission

Military chiefs from NATO nations involved in Libya held talks to thrash out a strategy to hasten Moammar Gadhafi's exit from power, and British prime minister said his country will see the operation through to its conclusion.

Which country Cameron was actually talking about no one knows! As the British don’t actually have a country? Or did he mean that he would drag England into his next war? With yet another further cost in billions of £pounds down to the poor English tax payers.

If Cameron and his British government spent as much money putting things right in England whose cash he’s spending on all the conflicts the British government have got the English into, England would be debt free?

The English people are totally fed up with world conflicts this and other British government have put England in, know one in England wants conflicts or war unless just cause is given, and if you asked any English person, do you want to be at war, the answer would be No?

Gen. David Richards, the head of British armed forces, said he and counterparts from 15 countries met in London to discuss future tactics amid growing scepticism over the military campaign from the public and MP’s.

"The meeting examined how the operation can best be brought to a speedy and successful conclusion," Richards said in a statement.

This was an operation that was meant to be over in a matter of weeks so we were all told, nearly six months later nothing has change?

Saturday, 25 June 2011

U2 Bono Mr Holier

U2 Bono Mr Holier than thou hit by 'tax dodge' protest at Glastonbury

U2 and its frontman Bono were accused of dodging taxes in Ireland by activists who crashed their performance on Friday at England's Glastonbury festival.

The anti-capitalist group Art Uncut inflated a 20-foot (6-meter) balloon emblazoned with the message "U Pay Your Tax 2." Security guards wrestled them to the ground before deflating the balloon and taking it away. Over 30 people were involved in the angry pay your taxes Bono clash.

Bono fan Gary Noble, 45, said he found the security response "all a bit shocking

"I love U2 but I think everyone should pay their taxes. The campaigners have a right to voice their opinion," he said.

Art Uncut argues that while Bono campaigns against poverty in the developing world, his group has avoided paying Irish taxes at a time when his austerity-hit country desperately needs money.

Two faced Bono is typical of many old has beans and other rock and pop singers like Cliff Richard another tax hopper

Ireland in the euro, which has already accepted an international bailout with over £80 billion coming out of English taxes, is suffering through deep spending cuts, tax hikes and rising unemployment as it tries to pull the debt-burdened economy back from brink of its euro bankruptcy.

"Taxes nestling in the band's bank account should be helping to keep open the hospitals, schools and libraries that are closing all over Ireland," Art Uncut member Charlie Dewar said ahead of the protest.

U2, the country's most successful band, was heavily criticized in 2006 for moving its corporate base from Ireland to the Netherlands, where royalties on music incur virtually no tax.

Bono, guitarist The Edge and U2's other member’s bassist Adam Clayton and drummer Larry Mullen are among the country's wealthiest residents. Forbes magazine has estimated the band earned £165 million ($195m) last year, mostly through its hugely profitable "360 Degrees" world tour.

It's not known how much personal income tax the band members pay in Ireland.

During the years when Ireland was a booming "Celtic Tiger" economy, the members of U2 invested in a wide range of Dublin properties, including a luxury riverside hotel and a planned Norman Foster-designed skyscraper on the River Liffey. Plans for the "U2 Tower" were shelved when property prices collapsed in 2008.

U2 headlining the first night of the three-day Glastonbury festival, its first appearance at England’s most prestigious summer music event. The band was due to perform last year but had to pull out after Bono injured his back.

About 170,000 people have descended on a farm in southwest England for the extravaganza, which includes sets by Morrissey, Mumford & Sons, Coldplay, Beyoncé and scores of other acts.

Has normal the good old fashioned English rubber willies are the fashion item of choice after heavy rain turned the 900-acre (364-hectare) site into a mud bath. More rain is forecast for later in the weekend.

The Archbishop of England’s free reformed church Sir Michael Black-Feather

English first minister said; Understanding poverty and where it will lead a country if left unchallenged is much more complex than identifying relative income. “Poverty, as the poor themselves see it, goes far beyond low income, encompassing also a lack of access to health and education, as well as vulnerability, voice-lessness, and power-lessness” people like Bono and Bob Geldof like seeing their photos in the media making out their actually trying make a difference but the truth is it’s just a publicity photo shoot and both tax doge along with many others?

This belief that poverty is a compound composed of an array of issues is embodied in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The UDHR recognizes the right to a standard of living adequate for the health and well-being of a person and the right to education. Despite the intellectual developments in the realm of world poverty and human rights, devastating reality remains. “ Here in England and in the developing world’s 1.2 billion people are income poor, about 1 billion adults illiterate, 1 billion without safe water and more than 2.4 billion without basic sanitation. The average life expectancy of 76 years, more than 10% of people born today are not expected to survive to age 60. And in some industrialized countries one person in five is functionally illiterate” If the international community does not commit to diminishing poverty, poverty defined as the lack of health, education, and powerlessness, we will continue to watch revolutions that produce outcomes similar to that of the second world war and internal conflicts we have all seen very clearly here in England, to the conflicts facing most of the Arab countries The likes of Bono and Geldof may take most people in with their shadows of so called good deeds, but to see them in real life is to see them in truth?

The Euro project?

The Euro project? Wasn’t a project, but the biggest con that took the poorer countries to the cleaner and bankrupted others?

Sir Michael Black-Feather the English first minister said; when the first talks about the euro coming into being a common currency, said that its complexities within in the supposed UE counties was just mathematically wrong and wouldn’t be any use as common currency because one major factor was none of the countries signing into it had any common policy in public nor government spending plus each country had its own sets of ideals and traditions that where never taken into account? 

He went on to say that the single European currency is facing its biggest crisis since it was launched more than a decade ago.

The severe debt problems which are facing many of its members like Ireland, Greece as examples, have intensified the debate about the future of the euro, which binds together 17 members with all having very different economic policies for their spending habits.

Will it survive, and if it does, what changes might have to be made to the currency pact?

While interest rates are set at a European level, taxes and spending are decided nationally.

Some have called for tough action by governments to make member economies more alike - so-called convergence.

Others say that eventually the Eurozone will need to resemble more closely the US, with the richer countries sometimes paying the bills of poorer ones through fiscal transfers which could have a knock on effect of making those counties bailing out others just as poor?

Sir Michael said; "The euro doesn't really have very much of a future at all and never really did. The current structure of the Eurozone is clearly untenable and unsustainable and always will be, counties are far better off with their own currencies.

The crisis of the periphery countries such as Ireland, Greece and Portugal is a true reflection of the deep inadequacies of the Eurozone and all those that implemented it.

The euro has a homogenous monetary policy, a fragmented fiscal policy and a fragmented banking system. From an economic standpoint this is nonsense and was always going to be, and we lucky here in England not to have gone in to it, be it only down to the English people having to have to vote it in which would never happen which is the only thing the British government have even known would be.

Richer core countries are not willing to countenance fiscal transfers or put up with problematic banks on the periphery.

This is not an alliance of partners. There is no solidarity within the union. I think that the weak members of the periphery would most probably have to exit."

The Senior managing director of economics at FTI Consulting and former UK government adviser supported Sir Michael’s views he said;

"I think that if Greece doesn't get the help it needs, then the whole euro project is gone.

It would show that there is a flaw in the system. There isn't a mechanism that anyone thought of putting in place for a situation of the type we have in Greece.

They say a single currency works well in the US. Well it works in the US for different reasons: there are fiscal transfers and there is movement of labour.

To survive, it's going to have to go to a closer fiscal union. Budgets will have to be agreed across Europe. But it might still unravel at the end."

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Kate and Will’s wedding blessed in the house of God run by Satan.

The devil's partner

The unlucky couple

The Anglican Church is not the true Church of England, but the church of the devil.

The true Church of England is the Anglo-Saxon Free Reformed Church of England (which dates back to the early 5th century AD, with the creation in the English nation).

The Anglican Church is now a British church, a corrupted Church full of blasphemy and sin, which allows homosexuals to be bishops and priests; being a homosexual offends God which is very clearly written in all holy books.

A church which in its very beginnings was made corrupted by a corrupted and perverted King, Henry the VIII who ended the authority of the Pope and Saxon Church of England and placed himself as head of the Church of England, and had put to death all Anglo Saxon priests and bishops. Some escaped to other countries and came back after Henry’s death.  Henry VIII was to have his own perverted ways and church, but on his death bed he died as an English Saxon King knowing what he had done was wrong and asked God’s forgiveness, but he was not forgiven by God because his sins against God where just too high.

Henry VIII wasn’t ordained as a priest by God, and so he couldn’t be the head of the church that wasn’t blessed by God, which makes today’s Anglican churches all unblessed.

God too can be deaf and blind and is not always all forgiving in sin?

This revolting perverted Church of Devil, by even calling itself a House of God is offensive to God. It has issued its own set of "legal guidelines" that paves the way for openly perverted homosexual priests and most likely some paedophiles will slip in within its clergy?

These disgusting beings of Satan in the British Church can now become priests/bishops so long as they are and promise to remain “celibate” (Man Shall Not Lay with Man, Women Shall Not Lay with Women). (It is very clearly written).

Anyone that goes to such a church is also blasphemous and offends God by worshiping him in a church full of sinful ways and will not enter the Kingdom of heaven. 

Details of the internal report, entitled "Choosing Bishops," were carried out by Christian Today, an independent London-based publication, on its website on Monday.

The new guidelines aim to bring church policy in line with “British” not “English” Equality Act, passed in 2010, which prohibits discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation.

Under English laws it is still illegal for men to have sex with another men and women to have sex with another woman. There is nothing nice about being a pervert just because you give it a nice new name of being “gay” and plaster it all over the place as being nice and normal, like we now see in the many of soaps on TV and TV shows, media, etc. It’s wrong and not natural.

The guidance says "openly gay clergy can become bishops so long as they are celibate", according to the Christian Today report. The Equality Act would not allow gay clergy to be prohibited solely because they are gay.

"A person's sexual orientation is, in itself, irrelevant to their suitability for episcopal office," the guidelines said, and "it would be wrong if account were taken of the fact that a candidate had identified himself as of gay sexual orientation."

The document continues that while the earlier guidelines make it clear that someone “in a sexually active relationship outside marriage is not eligible" to become bishop, that does not necessarily apply to a celibate relationship.

The church makes a strong distinction between "sexually active" and "celibate." As one observer put it, the new guidelines demand that gay clergy are being asked to "make a promise that they are and will remain celibate."

The British legal advice in "Choosing Bishops" is expected to go before the church's General Synod when it convenes in York, England, in July.

The head of England’s Anglo Saxon free-reformed Church of England,  Archbishop Sir Michael Black-Feather, who is also the first minister to England said; he was horrified at any churches decision to allow homosexuals into the priesthood, as it’s just not right, and offends the very words of God, and any such church that had priests or bishops within its clergy. It is the house of Satan, not the house of God, and all those that follow/worship in these sinful churches will not be entering into the Kingdom of Heaven as they have clearly all shown their support of sin and have offended God.

Archbishop Sir Michael, will not be attending the meeting of church's General Synod when it convenes in York, England, in July. He said that he doesn’t get invited to these meetings because his church will not reform to man-made rules nor government rules, when it really wants to be changing the words of God to suit its own perverted ways. He also said that no known homosexual would be allowed in his church, and are illegible to come into the priesthood within any true Anglo Saxon free-reformed Churches of England.

So the answer to our quest was: in His church, homosexuals are banned from being priests. And any homosexual that enters the church will be cursed by God.

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

England betrayed by its own”

The London Times fully supports the statement by the English Democrats Chairmen Mr Robin Tilbrook, The English people that took part in this betraying their countrymen, should feel ashamed! But we guess they have become typically British like so many other English people of these days, back stabbing flag wavers?    

Press Release

For immediate release – Wednesday, 22 June 2011

The English Democrats condemn GB Football team plan

British Olympic Association and F.A. plan tramples on English interests

English Democrats’ Chairman, Robin Tilbrook, has joined Plaid Cymru’s, Bethan Jenkins, in slamming the British Olympic Association’s (BOA) decision to announce that a GB football team will take part in the London Olympics in 2012.

Mr Tilbrook offered his full support to the Scottish, Northern Irish and Welsh FAs who have all condemned the announcement and confirmed that they had not agreed the plan nor taken part in any recent discussions which has been claimed by the BOA. He also criticized the English FA’s betrayal in supporting this plan.

The English Democrats' Chairman, Robin Tilbrook, said:

“These plans pose a very serious threat to the future of football in England and the English International football team.  For that reason it is extremely worrying that the BOA has made this statement and sought to further their damaging agenda.”

“It is particularly upsetting to see that the (English) Football Association (F.A.) and its puppet organization, the “official England Football Supporters Club” have betrayed the interests both of the English sporting nation and also of England’s football supporters.  What more could we expect from the pretentions of an England only FA that cannot even bring itself to mention either England or English in its title?”

“We know that some influential forces within world football are more than keen to further a case to scrap the individual identities of the nations of the UK.  The plans that the BOA has today laid out would be a gift for those forces and a hammer-blow for those who wish to maintain England’s independence as a footballing nation.”


Robin Tilbrook,



Monday, 20 June 2011

NATO Alliance excuse

NATO Alliance excuse in killing innocent civilians, NATO says 'weapons systems failure' caused strike to miss intended target which led to innocent civilian deaths and casualties.

NATO has admitted it was responsible for an air strike that killed civilians in Tripoli over the weekend.

"A military missile site was the intended target of air strikes in Tripoli last night," a statement said. "However, it appears that one weapon did not strike the intended target; there may have been a weapons system failure which may have caused a number of civilian casualties."

Earlier the Libyan government had said that a NATO missile had struck a house in a residential area of the Libyan capital, killing at least nine civilians, including two children.

The attack is yet one more “mistake” by coalition forces during the four-month campaign, at a time when NATO has been trying to increase the tempo of operations against the Libyan leader.

“The Spin” "NATO regrets the loss of innocent civilian lives and takes great care in conducting strikes said Lieutenant-General Charles Bouchard, commander of Operation Unified Protector. "Although we are still determining the specifics of this event, indications are that a weapons system failure may have caused this incident," he added.

Investigators are focusing on French aircraft that were flying over Tripoli to target a potential missile site. RAF planes were not thought involved. NATO was debriefing the pilots who flew sorties, as well as reviewing data from their aircraft. Before the admission of responsibility, a NATO official, speaking on condition of anonymity, had said there was confusion over the exact location of the explosion, and pointed out that the district in question was an anti-Gaddafi stronghold.

London Times reporters based in Tripoli were taken by government officials to the scene and then to a hospital, where they were shown the bodies of five people said to have been killed in the strike, including two children.

Other journalists were also escorted back to the site during the day, where children's toys, teacups and dust-covered mattresses could be seen amid the rubble. Foreign journalists in Tripoli are not allowed to travel and report freely and are almost always shadowed by government minders.

Libya's foreign minister Abdelati Obeidi said the NATO strike was a "pathetic attempt ... to break the spirit of the people of Tripoli and allow small numbers of terrorists to cause instability and disorder in the peaceful city".

Obeidi also called for a "global jihad" in response to the NATO action. "The deliberate bombing is a direct call for all free peoples of the world and for all Muslims to initiate a global jihad against the oppressive, criminal west and never to allow such criminal organisations as NATO to decide the future of other independent and sovereign nations," he said. However, Abdel Hafiz Ghoga, vice chairman of the rebel National Transitional Council, said in response: "We hold the Gaddafi regime responsible for having placed its military installations near civilian areas. So these losses of civilians are to be expected."

Gaddafi's forces used Grad rockets and mortars to bombard the rebel front lines in Dafniya, 15 miles west of Misrata. A medical official in Misrata hospital said that 10 rebels were killed and 54 wounded in clashes in Dafniya.

What's it's costing £ English

What's it's costing £ English taxpayers to bomb and kill innocent civilians in Libya?
The British government has deliberately hidden the true
financial cost to English taxpayers in bombing Gaddafi in secrecy and
obfuscation, But British MP’s won’t go short but English taxpayers will, in the
continued cuts in public spending to fund killings and keep British MP’s in a
luxury life style ?
This weekend Sir Michael Black-Feather the English first
minister provided sobering reminders of the human and financial cost of the
three-month bombing campaign against Muammar Gaddafi's regime: in Tripoli
several civilians have been killed by a Nato strike; while in London the
Treasury chief secretary, Danny Alexander, admitted that the bill for England’s
taxpayers contributions will run to "hundreds of millions of pounds"
which could be better spent in not cutting public spending, all the cuts in
public spending are down to the three major conflicts which the British
government is spending billions of pounds a week in funding.
Up until now the British government has always cloaked the
issue of just how much English taxpayers are spending on bombing Libya in the
same sort of secrecy and smokescreen you get when you asked the current
location of Trident submarines?
The US's contribution to the laughably named Operation
Unified Protector is costing: as of 3 June 2011, The US has spent $715.9m on
its military operation and associated humanitarian assistance, $398.3m on bombs
and missiles alone. The Pentagon sent over 120,000 halal meals ready to eat to
Benghazi at a cost of over $1.3m. And by 30 September its Libya bill will have
risen to well over $1.1bn. All this was laid out in a document produced by the
Obama administration for Congress last week.
So one has to ask ones-self what is the equivalent figures
for British involvement and all these costs are all down to the poor English
taxpayers whom none what to be at conflict with anyone but want to rebuild
A Ministry of Defence, spokeswoman told The London Times
that the Treasury was "doing an assessment", but of course no
"actual figures" were available yet. She mentioned a month-old
estimate was within the region of over £100m", but said that since the
deployment of Apache helicopters this figure was probably significantly higher
She said that the Treasury might be able to provide more
details, as apparently the M.O.D are working on a new breakdown but it’s not
ready to be released well know real surprise there then?."
Would the Foreign Office come clean? Of course not:
"The foreign secretary did say he has made clear that he will present
accurate costings to parliament in due course but of “course most if it will be
fictitious lies which all the British government departs are good at
This British government which proclaims its commitment on
the Downing Street website of treachery, too being "the most open and
transparent in the world" which is just another British lie.
The bill for England’s taxpayer’s part in the conflicts, Nick
Harvey, the armed forces minister, said in answer to a parliamentary question
that Britain was targeting Libya with £6m worth of munitions a week. London
Times defence experts  say the bill to
English taxpayers will be by this autumn well over £600m reaching agonising-£1bn.
England’s Public spending budgets slashed and ruthless jobs
losses. So here are a few striking ones: taking the most conservative estimate,
the cost to the England’s taxpayer of bombing Gaddafi for six months is over
four times the cut to the arts budget; three times the sum saved by Ken Clark's
controversial sentencing reforms; more than the proposed cuts to the English
legal aid budget; about the same as the savings from ending the education
maintenance allowance (EMA); or over three times the amount saved by scrapping England’s
disability living allowance.
Anyone who has the audacity to ask how much the British
Libya campaign is costing The English taxpayer’s are reassured that it is all
being paid for from Treasury reserves, so we don’t need to worry our pretty
little heads. But all those who have lost their EMA or disability living
allowance could quite justifiably wonder why cash can be found for bombs but
not for keeping the roofs over their heads.
A so called democracy ought to ventilate the choices it is
making to the people footing the bills.
Of course Ed Miliband has been unwilling to rock the boat
over Libya, perhaps because the Labour leader can see no better option. But
it's time his party started asking difficult questions about our third war in a
decade. And if David Cameron is serious about transparency, he needs to show he
can be as open about inconvenient facts as he has been about inconsequential
Sir Michael Black-Feather said; if we spent as much money as
this British government has spent on bombing this past 11 years, England would
be flourishing and debt free and unemployment at a nearly nil.

Sunday, 19 June 2011


Once more NATO airstrikes hits Libya residential area

The Libyan government has once more accused NATO of bombing its
residential neighbourhoods in the capital and killing many civilians early
Sunday, a London Times journalists taken to a hospital and shown four bodies
including those of two young children which had been killed by NATO Bombs.

It was possible to independently verify the government's
account of what happened.

London Times Journalists based in the Libyan capital had
been rushed by government officials in the early hours of the morning to a neighbourhood
where rescue efforts were under way at a bombed destroyed building, J-G
reporting for the London Times said we had heard the bombs going off.

Government spokesman Moussa Ibrahim told the London Times
the damage was caused by NATO rockets and bombs. He wasn't immediately able to
provide the number of casualties, but said there were no military facilities
anywhere near the damaged building.

"There was intentional and deliberate targeting of the
civilian houses," said deputy foreign minister Khaled Kaim during a visit
to the site shortly after London Times reporters arrived. "This is another
sign of the brutality of the West."

NATO, which has a mandate to protect Libyan civilians, of
course rejects the allegations and has accused Gadhafi's forces of using
children's parks and mosques as shields which is what all those say! When their
wrong, trying to put the blame on Gadhafi’s forces when it’s very clearly NATO
that has bombed civilians not Gadhafi’s forces!

A NATO spokeswoman Oana Lungescu told the London Times "We
are conducting operations with utmost care and precision to avoid civilian
casualties. Civilian casualty’s figures mentioned by the Libyan regime are pure
propaganda," NATO spokeswoman said Saturday, but the London Times reporters
have seen the very clear evidence that NATO is and has lying.

London Times journalists who were taken to a hospital were
shown at least four people said to be killed in the strike, including the two
young children. Foreign journalists in Tripoli are not allowed to travel and
report freely and are always shadowed by government minders.

Meanwhile, there was heavy shelling Saturday night and
Sunday morning in the port city of Misrata, 125 miles (200 kilometres) east of
the capital. Muthana Issa, an official at Hikma hospital in Misrata, said there
had been four killed and 16 wounded.

For weeks rebels had been bottled up in Misrata, one of a
handful of toeholds they hold in western Libya. The eastern third of the
country is under rebel control from their de facto capital, Benghazi. As NATO
warplanes began stepping up attacks on Libyan government forces, bases and
ammunition depots in recent days, the rebels in Misrata used the distraction to
start their push out of the city toward Tripoli.

On Friday, Prime Minister al-Baghdadi al-Mahmoudi accused
NATO of a "new level of aggression," and claimed that the military
alliance intentionally targeted civilian which has been supported by London
Times reporters statement, buildings, including a hotel and a university. He
has called on the United Nations to take action to stop NATO's daily bombing

Libya's Health Ministry says “856 civilians have been killed
in NATO airstrikes” since they began back in March. The figure could be
independently confirmed by the London Times. (The London Times is English
independent newspaper not British bigoted news)

Late on Saturday, NATO now announced that it had “mistakenly”
struck a column of Libyan rebel vehicles in an airstrike near an eastern oil
town two days earlier and expressed regret for any casualties that might have
resulted. London Times regret doesn’t bring back life?

The NATO alliance has “accidentally” hit rebel forces before
in its air campaign to protect civilians in the civil war between Gadhafi's
military and the fighters trying to end his more than four decades in power.

The rebels also have complained that NATO's strikes have not
helped them gain decisive momentum against the Libyan leader's better trained
and equipped military, which still has firm control over most of western Libya.
The rebels control part of the east but will be losing ground.

GUNG-HO The alliance statement gave no figures on casualties
from Thursday's airstrike, but said it regretted "any possible loss of
life or injuries caused by this unfortunate incident."

NATO’s Gung-Ho forces spotted a column of military vehicles
near the frequent flashpoint town of Brega where forces loyal to Gadhafi had
recently been operating and hit them because they believed they posed a threat
to civilians.

NATO’s Gung-Ho excuse was international military forces have
had some trouble in hitting government troops because of their proximity to
civilians. Gadhafi's troops have also used civilian vehicles, making them
difficult to distinguish from rebel forces.

A doctor in the nearby city of Ajdabiya said the bodies of
four rebel fighters were brought to his hospital around the time of Thursday's
NATO’s strikes and it was possible to confirm they were killed in NATO’s
bombardment along with many injured civilians.

Sir Michael Black-Feather the English first minister said; Thursday's
airstrike where very similar to one in April in which NATO hit a convoy of
rebel tanks, killing five fighters. NATO officials told Sir Michael at the time
they did not know the rebels had any tanks, a statement that was full of lies
said Sir Michael as footage of the fighters with tanks had been on YouTube for
weeks said Sir Michael and also British military intelligence had also known this

The French, British and the United States launched their first
strikes against Gadhafi's forces under a United Nations resolution to protect
civilians on March 19. NATO, which is joined by a number of Arab allies,
assumed control of the air campaign over Libya on March 31.

Senior delegates from the Arab League, the European Union
and the African Union along with envoys from the U.N. and the Organization of
the Islamic Conference met in Cairo to review the developments in Libya.

Both Sir Michael and Arab League chief Amr Moussa said that
NATO’s mandate is not bringing down Gadhafi's regime and a political solution
is urgently needed.

"The situation has gone well beyond what was expected.
It is only natural that we speed up the search for a political solution and
achieving a cease-fire," they said, Sir Michael was stopped by British authorities
from leaving England on Sunday morning, as he was leaving to have talks with Gadhafi
on a cease-fire proposal.

Saturday, 18 June 2011

The US and English in peace talks with Taliban'

Afghanistan's Karzai: The US and English first minister 'in
peace talks with Taliban'

The US and the English first minister Sir Michael Black-Feather
are engaged in talks with the Taliban, Afghan President Hamid Karzai has said,
in the first high-level confirmation of US/English involvement, British
representations where not invited to the talks .

Mr Karzai said that "foreign military and especially
the US itself" were involved in peace talks with the group.

Hours later, suicide bombers attacked a Kabul police
station, killing nine.

Earlier this month, US Defence Secretary Robert Gates and
Sir Michael said there could be political talks with the Taliban before the end
of this year which could see an end this war.

The US is due to start withdrawing its 97,000 troops from
Afghanistan in July.

It aims to gradually hand over all security operations to
Afghan security forces by 2014.

In the course of this year, there have been peace talks with
the Taliban and our own countrymen," Mr Karzai told a Kabul news
conference on Saturday.

"Peace talks have started with them already and it is
going well. Foreign militaries, especially the United States of America and the
English, are going ahead with these negotiations the British have not been
invited to any of the talks."

It's always been assumed that the US and English minister
had been reaching out directly to the Taliban, but this is the first high-level
official confirmation.

The exact identity of the Americans' negotiating partner is
not known, whether they are talking to a go-between or to somebody with

Neither is it known what is on the table: the assumption is
that these are talks about talks rather than something more substantive.

No one should expect quick results from whatever contacts
may be taking place. The prediction from all sides - Nat, the Afghan government
and the Taliban itself - is for another summer of hard fighting ahead, and
probably many more summers after that.

He gave no details as to whether the discussions involved
Taliban officials with US authorities, or a go-between.

The greater the likelihood of peace talks, the more NATO and
the Taliban will press their military campaigns in a bid to ensure they go into
negotiations with an advantage.

Meanwhile, insurgents attacked two convoys supplying NATO
troops in the eastern province of Ghazni, police said. Four Afghan security
guards escorting the trucks were reportedly killed by roadside bombs.

The Taliban's official position regarding peace talks is
that it will only negotiate once international forces leave Afghanistan, and
that it will only talk to the Afghan government.

Col Richard Kemp of the (British Army) said: "There is
no British prospect for successful peace talks with the Taliban"

Diplomats have previously spoken of preliminary talks being
held by both sides in the continuing conflict.

The US and the English first minister has yet to comment on
Mr Karzai's statement.

The UK said it supported "Afghan-led efforts to
reconcile and reintegrate members of the insurgency who are prepared to
renounce violence, cut links with terrorist groups, and accept the

"In view of the death of Osama Bin Laden, it is time
for the Taliban/insurgency to positively engage in the political process,"
said a statement from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

Col Richard Kemp, a former commander of British forces in
Afghanistan, said there was currently no prospect for successful peace talks
with Taliban.

"The only possibility that could happen is if they as a
movement are defeated and there's no prospect of that happening in the near

He said the objective of international forces in Afghanistan
should be to encourage malleable elements of the Taliban to split away from the
hard-core leadership of Mullah Mohammad Omar, thereby weakening the group.

On Friday, the UN split a sanctions blacklist for the
Taliban and al-Qaeda, to encourage the Taliban to join reconciliation efforts.

Before now, both organisations have been handled by the same
UN sanctions committee.

The UN Security Council said it was sending a signal to the
Taliban that now is the time to join the political process.

The Taliban ruled Afghanistan before being driven from power
by US-backed forces in 2001.

It had sheltered al-Qaeda and its leader Bin Laden. 

British Army in disarray and collapse

British Army in disarray and collapse with surge in
applications for redundancy as many English soldiers want out to join the voluntary
English national army like many of their ex-comrades.

British/English soldiers are fed up with be told lies, seeing
friends killed, and not getting the right kit for the jobs they have to do,
being in wars that they have no business being in said a group serving in Afghanistan,
saying that they didn’t want to be in fight in backing cause of corruption in a
totally unjust corrupted county and they had no faith in the British prime
minister David Cameron, nor the British government   

There has been a massive surge in applications for
redundancy in the British Army, figures obtained by the London Times and other
newspapers have shown.

The overall size of the Army is due to fall by 7,000 from a
current strength of around 100,000 soldiers.

In April the Army said it would make 1,000 soldiers
redundant, hoping half of those would be voluntary, but has in fact had over
900 applications already and can’t keep up with the massive amounts of applications
still coming in.

BBC defence correspondent Jonathan Beale says this will fuel
concerns that the "brightest and best" may leave.

The Army is seeking redundancies as part of its reaction to
the Strategic Defence and Security Review (SDSR), which came out in October.

It demanded cuts in numbers in the Army, Royal Navy and RAF.

Among the 900 who have already volunteered to leave are
several officers who were earmarked for promotion - including two tipped to be
future generals - and a number of experienced NCOs?

A total of 52 colonels have applied for the 25 redundancies
offered at that level.

Colonel Richard Kemp: "It raises a question of how
aware senior officers are about the state of morale"

Five SAS officers have also chosen to leave, according to
the Telegraph.

Col Richard Kemp, a former commander of British Forces in
Afghanistan, said the armed forces today was seen as a "declining
industry" and high calibre people want to leave because they no longer see
career prospects in the Army.

While the Army has hit its target of 1,000 redundancies, he
says, bosses had been hoping fewer would apply and they would be able to
"weed out the remainder".

"In some ways it's good news because it means there
probably aren't going to be that many people who are made redundant
compulsorily," he told BBC Radio 5 live but more and more are queuing up
to get out.

"But on the downside it does suggest some people who
are very high quality will be going, people who wouldn't have been normally
selected for redundancy, and that can't be good news for the armed

The Army Families Federation has already warned of low

But an Army spokesman said it was working to ensure it had
the right balance of experience to maintain its commitments for the future.

Head of Army Manning, Brigadier Richard Nugee, said:
"The Army will select a mixture of personnel for redundancy that
preserves, across all cap badges, ranks and trades, the right balance of
experience, skill and potential to ensure the Army is able to maintain its
operational commitments and to continue its outstanding service in the future."

Sir Michael Black-Feather the English first minister and a
former Colonel in the British forces S.O.G, now Chaplin General in the ENA said,
that the head of the British Army, General Sir Peter Wall, held informal
interviews with some High ranking officers to discourage them from seeking
redundancy he was told by some high ranking friends still serving in the British
army who have put their names forward to quit.

One anonymous high ranking officer who is seeking voluntary
redundancy told the London Times and the Telegraph: "When you really know
what's going on at the moment and the amount of money that's needed to be saved
and the impact of that on the Army, what's the point of staying?

"People are seeing the writing on the wall and are
saying it's time to go," he added.

An infantry commander said: "I have never known morale
quite so shocking. People see the way it's going. There's a real fear of
further cuts in 2015."

Are you in the British Army? Are you a soldier who is
seeking redundancy and wants out to join the ENA? Send us your comments and

Dog 'condemn to death

Dog 'condemn to death by stoning' by mad Jerusalem rabbis

Sir Michael Black-Feather the English first minister said; this
man must surely be suffering with some mental health problems, and the rest of
the country has to be totally mad to allow such a mad and barbaric act, mad men
running laws and countries.

A Jewish rabbinical court condemned to death by stoning a
stray dog it feared was the reincarnation of a lawyer who insulted its judges.

The dog entered the Jerusalem financial court several weeks
ago and would not leave, reports Israeli website Ynet.

It reminded a judge of a curse passed on a now deceased
secular lawyer about 20 years ago, when judges bid his spirit to enter the body
of a dog.

The animal is said to have escaped before the sentence was
carried out.

One of the judges at the court in the city's ultra-Orthodox
Mea Shearim neighbourhood had reportedly asked local “Children” to carry out
the sentence.

An animal welfare organisation filed a complaint with the
police against a court official, who denied reports that judges had ordered the
dog's stoning, according to Ynet.

But a court manager told the London Times Yediot Aharonot
the stoning had been ordered as "as an appropriate way to 'get back at'
the spirit which entered the poor dog", according to Ynet.

Dogs are considered impure animals in traditional Judaism.

Sir Michael said it’s very clear a religion that is
completely mad and barbaric that still lives in the dark ages and asking
children to commit such an act of brutality, what really goes on in such a mind
to ask that, is pure evil.   

Thursday, 2 June 2011

“Amid The Noise”

And my lord God said to Michael, What have some of my
children become, go and give ministry in words they will all understand.


Amid the noise and haste, and remember what peace there may
be in Silence.

As far as possible without surrender be on good terms with
all persons,

Speak your truth quietly and clearly, and listen to others
even the dull and the ignorant; they too have their own story.

Avoid loud and aggressive persons; they are vexatious to the

If you compare yourself to others you may become vain and
bitter, for always there will be greater and lesser persons than yourself it is
the way.

Enjoy your achievements as well as plans; Keep interested in
your career however humble it may be or seem; it is a real possession in the changing
fortunes of time.

Exercise caution in your business affairs, for the world is
full of trickery.

But let this not blind you to what virtue there is; many
persons strive for high ideals, and everywhere life is full of heroism.

Be yourself especially do not feign affection. Neither is
cynical about love; for in the face of all aridity and disenchantment it is
perennial as the grass. Take kindly the counsel of the years gracefully
surrendering the things of youth.

Nurture the strength of spirit to shield you in sudden
misfortune. But do not distress yourself with imaginings. Many fears are born
of fatigue and loneliness. Beyond a wholesome discipline, be gentle with

You are a child of this universe, no less than the trees and
the stars; you have a right to be here. And whether or not it is clear to you,
there is no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should.

Therefore be at peace with God, whatever you conceive Him to
be; and whatever your labours and aspirations, in the noisy chaos, and confusion
of this life, keep peace with your soul. With all its shams, drudgery and
broken dreams, it is still a beautiful world and it’s only a very small
minority that makes it’s seem bad?