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Sunday, 20 November 2011

A “delusional Lord Heseltine says England will ultimately join the euro

A “delusional Lord Heseltine says England will ultimately join the euro,

Heseltine must be living in Neverland or Narnia to think the English people would vote to go Euro, and it would need a vote, if the British government tried to go into the euro without asking the people of England there would surely be civil un-rest? As no one in England in their right mind would vote to go euro and this British government know this?

Lunatic and former deputy prime minister Heseltine has said he still expects the England too eventually join the euro.

The Conservative peer, one of his party's most pro-European figures, said the Eurozone had real problems but he hoped it would survive as its collapse would be "catastrophic" for the UK.

All three of the largest Westminster parties have ruled out joining the euro in the foreseeable future.

UK Independence Party leader Nigel Farage said the Eurozone was "failing".

Prime Minister David Cameron has faced opposition to his European policies within Conservative ranks, with more than 80 MPs defying the government and calling for a referendum on EU membership, and the English first minister said; a vote would be needed by the English people with a yes or no to going euro, and Heseltine was talking out of the back of his head, and as for being catastrophic for England it would be the reverse, England would be far better of pulling right out of the EU which is costing England’s tax payers millions of wasted pounds each year and all England gets out of the EU is a load bureaucratic rubbish and rules.

Many other backbenchers are calling on the PM to use the current financial instability, and talk of closer integration among countries using the single currency, to renegotiate the UK's relationship.

As one of the party's most staunch pro-European voices, Lord Heseltine has argued that all UK prime ministers have found themselves presiding over a deeper relationship between the UK and Europe.

Asked by the BBC's Politics Show if he still felt the UK would ultimately join the single currency, he replied: "I think we will join the euro."

He acknowledged that the Eurozone was in crisis but said he believed it would endure, largely due to the determination of Germany and France to preserve its "cohesiveness".

"I think the chances, and it is a balance, are that the euro will survive.

"They (Germany and France) have got a hell of a problem, let's be frank about that, but my guess is that they will find a way through.

"I hope they will because the downside for the British economy of the Eurozone going under is catastrophic. People have no idea of the scale of money British banks are owed by European banks."

He said European co-operation since the 1950s had been "remarkably successful".

But UKIP leader Mr Farage said the installation of technocratic governments in Italy and Greece was bad for democracy and meant Europe institutions were even more remote from the people.

"Those Mediterranean countries need to leave the Eurozone," Mr Farage told the same BBC programme. "Those countries are in the wrong currency. The whole thing is failing. It is going to break up."

Germany had become "totally dominant" in Europe, he claimed, after Chancellor Angela Merkel had "stepped into the breach" left by a vacuum of leadership in Brussels.

He suggested and agreed with England’s first minister that the England should model itself on Norway which - by remaining outside of the EU - had control over farming and fisheries policies and was not bound by policies on justice and home affairs.

"Being like Norway would be a very good holding position for the England," he said.

"It would guarantee us free trade and give us a chance to negotiate a deal, like Switzerland has, where they don't have to have any of the rules."

Cameron getting it all wrong in saying leaving the EU and negotiating trade agreements would leave the UK in the worst of all positions where it would still be bound by many EU rules but unable to influence its decisions, the English first minister said; Cameron is like Heseltine, pulling out of the EU would actually mean we don’t have to put up with all there rubbish and idiotic rules I really cannot understand Cameron one minute he right on track the next he’s off to Neverland living with the fairies.


  1. He's truly lost the plot. Chumbawumba got it right when they sang: "Mr. Heseltine I've made up my mind, I'll never give support to you or your kind."Here's my view: http://dasteepsspeaks.blogspot.com/2011/11/has-tarzan-lost-plot.html

  2. It’s a very sad case with Mr Heseltine that he still is living in Narnia, along all those other British MP’s think going into the euro is a good idea, as they can’t do the maths either, and aren’t looking at its doom each day, or how its put down on in keen’s most of the countries that went in?