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Saturday, 12 November 2011

British Wounded soldiers face sack

British Wounded soldiers face sack under new Army redundancy plans
Wounded soldiers are to be dismissed from the Army under plans to double the number of personnel being made redundant, a leaked memo discloses.

Sir Michael Black-Feather the English first minister said; Its has being going on for years, putting good men out the back door, when have been wounded or had an injury and can’t do all the things you use too, Its seems to me once you have served your “Country” or is it you have served the British government needs, and are now no longer any use to them? Out the back door you’ll go, and I’m speaking from personal experiences, and once the British government has put you out on civi street your very much on your own, and you’ll find that all those you once battled to keep out, that now come to your country England and then claim some sort of asylum seekers rubbish or get in as illegal immigrant they will all get the benefits which you can’t get, yet you’ have served for this country that is giving your benefits away to others that would see you killed it’s called British justices   

A classified document, seen the London Times and some other British newspapers, says 2,500 wounded soldiers, including 350 who have lost limbs, will not be exempt from out the back door in the British government extensive cuts in the Army, yet this same British government can give Scotland £100,000,000 million extra in benefits, they can give over £500,000,000 million to a corrupted Afghan government, and they can give over £100,000,000 million to a corrupted Indian government and the list goes on in the English benefits other receive every year, but they can’t keep their wounded men in jobs that have served them and their country?.

The internal memo, sent to senior commanders in Afghanistan, also discloses that 16,500 personnel will be made redundant by April 2015 – more than double the number originally proposed. Any decision to sack wounded soldiers is likely to prove highly controversial and will be done through normal routes being the old back door.

16,500 men and women that are putting their lives on the line each day for the British government and don’t know what going on behind their backs, that their already looking to lose their jobs, if not killed first, must be a real incentive?

The efficiency drive has been ordered because the Army now has so many wounded soldiers that able-bodied recruits are being turned away and its fighting strength is being diminished, so you ok to fight! But when you get wounded! Out you go as your no more use to us.

Details of the full scale scandal of the redundancy programme came as millions of people across England paused to pay a silent tribute to our nation’s war dead, wounded and soldiers away fighting yesterday.

The ceremony was particularly emotional at Camp Bastion in Afghanistan, where soldiers marked the death of the 385th serviceman to be killed since 2001.

The memo states that wounded soldiers who have been “temporarily downgraded will not be exempt”. They could be dismissed in the next round of cuts, likely to start after Christmas, Happy Chrisman and a prosperous New Year from the British Government to all its servicemen and women that are going to be out on the streets in the New Year.

It also says that those who are too injured or sick for redeployment will be “looked at in more detail”.

This memo has now been seen and is being passed around by soldiers serving on the front line in Afghanistan, who are outraged that they could be made redundant if they are wounded serving their country and now morale is now at and all time low.

British soldiers in the past month, six have suffered double amputations or worse as a result of Taliban bombs. An officer serving with a unit in which a soldier suffered a triple amputation earlier this month said the memo had badly damaged morale what is this government thinking of?

“We now know that not only will we be left with a life-changing injury serving our country over here but we will more than likely be kicked out of the Army,” he said.

A soldier serving on the front line said his colleagues were stunned to learn of the memo.

“We cannot believe that if we get injured we are at risk of getting kicked out the back door,” he said.

“But at the end of the day we are fighting for our mates so we just crack on.”

Another soldier said I wouldn’t expect any less of this British government, they sit safe on their far arses, living on the fat of the land, just as corrupted as these F***ers we are fighting, we crack on because we have honour and are mates and regiments and honour is something none of this British government has.

The policy has incensed wounded soldiers and their families. Lance Bombardier Ben Parkinson, 26, lost both legs and suffered brain damage after a Taliban bomb blast in 2006.

Diane Dernie, his mother, said: “This proves that the Military Covenant is just a collection of words convenient for British politicians.

“Ben was promised five years ago he would never have to leave the Army but that promise cannot be held to now because there have been so many wounded. An organisation as big as the Armed Forces should be able to find jobs for those who want to stay?”

The document also makes clear that the Army intends to slash more personnel than has been publicly announced in England.

In last year’s Strategic Defence and Security Review, the Army was to be reduced by 7,000 soldiers from 102,000 by 2015. This was quietly increased by a further 5,000 earlier this year.

But the memo shows that without any debate the Ministry of Defence has decided that by April 2015 a total of 16,500 soldiers will be axed.

Under the first round of redundancies earlier this year, 2,000 soldiers were sacked, including 150 of the 3,500-strong Ghurkha brigade.

The document discloses that on Jan 10 next year a total of 12,000 soldiers will be told that their jobs are at risk, with 2,300 of them to be made redundant.

Soldiers fighting in Afghanistan will be told if their positions are at risk and offered the opportunity to take voluntary redundancy.

However, troops not in Afghanistan will be vulnerable to compulsory redundancy. They include personnel in the “rear operations group” who are fully-trained and ready to fill in for dead or wounded.

The document states: “ROG [rear operations group] personnel are not exempt from T2 [the second wave of redundancies]. However, key posts will be taken into account”

The third and fourth waves of redundancies will see a further 13,000 soldiers made redundant by April 2015.

The document states: “The total number of personnel selected for redundancy in T1-4 will be approximately 15.5k-16.5k. All redundancy tranches are scheduled to be complete by April 15.”

Bryn Parry, the founder of the Help for Heroes charity, called on the Government to install a respected figure to act as a “champion of the wounded” to deal with the long-term needs of the injured.

Brig Richard Nugee, the head of Army manning, declined to comment on whether wounded soldiers would be among those at risk of redundancy but said no final decision had been made.

He said: "The Army is still considering the criteria including size and shape for Tranche 2 and any subsequent redundancy. Nothing has yet been agreed."

He added that wounded, injured and sick soldiers would be assessed "individually" and that soldiers would only leave the army if it's the "right decision".

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