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Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Ms two faces “Theresa May

Ms two faces “Theresa May doesn’t have the decency to quite  

Brodie Clark the civil servant blamed for abandoning passport controls quits - and accuses Theresa May the Home Secretary in deliberately misleading MPs leaving him to Carrie the can, “She was the boss’ and it was “She who gave the orders’ so she should step down and take at least some of the blame if not all

Brodie Clark will be lodging a formal claim for constructive dismissal and resigned after claiming his position was 'untenable' While Theresa May continues in her lies and treachery and still continues to blame Clark for the security fiasco that has let untold number of terrorist and other criminal’s into England to roam our street to do as the please?

British Prime Minister David Cameron still not man enough to stand up and sack MAY for her treachery and outright lies, could only come out with saying? that what happened 'is not acceptable' yet he’s willing to sit back like a dunce and do nothing, he should know as any real and true leader would, the buck starts and finishes with the overall Boss which was May, and if had any really leadership he would dismiss her from a post she has very clearly shown she’s unfit for?

The English first minister Sir Michael Black-Feather has written to David Cameron saying that there should be a “full public inquiry” into Theresa May conducted and until such time, of the outcome of the inquiry at the very least she should be suspended form her job, being unfit to carry on in such an important role which has been made very clear to the English public.

The border chief accused of relaxing terror checks dramatically resigned last night – making the bombshell claim that the Home Secretary Theresa had totally and deceitfulness misled the House of Commons in her outright lies.

Mr Clark, accused by Theresa May of weakening the nation’s border controls without her permission, said the allegations against him were all unfounded and in fact it was Theresa May, who was the lair, and it was under her direct orders and only she could actually give orders of that level on relaxing controls.

He repeatedly contradicted many of the points Ms May had made as she sought to reassure MPs she knew nothing of his order further to dilute passport checks since the summer, her lies just continued to roll of her mouth, trying desperately to hide the real truth and hang on to her job, as David Cameron sat there in his little bubble not really knowing what was going on around him.

Mr Clark told the London Times he will also lodge a potentially explosive employment tribunal claim for constructive dismissal, plunging Ms May into a huge political storm over who is telling the truth, a full public inquiry should now be held to get to the bottom of who is actually telling us the truth Clark or May the London Times is supporting Mr Clark’s side of the story.

Yesterday May still refused to resign over the affair as David Cameron said the relaxation of border checks on her watch was ‘not acceptable’ and had gone on too long when someone pop his bubble and prompted him to say something.

May quickly suspended Mr Clark last week amid claims that, without any permission, he extended the terms of a pilot scheme she had personally authorised to water down checks on EU nationals, May had done this to try and shift the truth from coming out.

Faced with an onslaught from Labour MP’s, Ms May lying said Clark had explicitly ignored her instructions and relaxed the regime even further to include non-EU citizens, and had suspended checks against a ‘warning index’ of possible terrorists.

Mr Clark, in an unexpected move last night formally resigned, saying his position was ‘untenable’.

He told the London Times: ‘I am anxious to take part in any independent or public inquiry into matters relating to UK Border Agency but my position at UKBA had been made untenable because of the statements made in the House of Commons by Theresa May. Those statements are wrong.

‘The Home Secretary suggests that I added additional measures, improperly, to the trial of our risk-based controls. I did not. Those measures have been in place since 2008/09

The Home Secretary also implies that I relaxed the controls in favour of queue management. I did not. Despite pressure to reduce queues, including from ministers, I can never be accused of compromising security for convenience... I never once contemplated cutting our essential controls to ease the flow.

On the trials, I have pressed since December 2010 to progress these and I was pleased when the Home Secretary agreed to the pilot arrangements.

‘I would do nothing to jeopardise them and I firmly believe that a more fully risk-based way of operating will offer far greater protection to the United Kingdom.’

Mr Clark said he had been advised to say nothing more until he appears before the Home Affairs Select Committee.

Allegations continued to swirl around Ms May as she was forced to make a second appearance before MPs yesterday to explain why immigration controls had been dramatically watered down during the summer.

One minute she admits giving personal approval and in another she said she didn’t give her approval, one has to wonder dose she actually knows what she is and isn’t approving? To the abandoning of biometric passport checks on some EU citizens. But she remains adamant that she had no idea about a second change to the rules which extended her own pilot scheme much further than originally intended. She laid the blame firmly at the door of Mr Clark.

Asked by the Home Affairs Select Committee if she would take responsibility for Mr Clark’s actions and resign, the Home Secretary boldly replied: ‘No.’

First, in July, the Home Secretary did approved a memo saying it was no longer necessary to check the biometric chips on passports belonging to EU nationals in order to reduce queues.

But, despite being allegedly refused permission to go further in an email from Ms May’s office, Mr Clark then also allegedly suspended checks on non-EU nationals – including use of a so-called warnings index of potential terrorists.

Ms May admits to Sir Michaels statement; saying no one will ever know how many criminals and illegal migrants entered unchecked into England and what risk England is in right now because of these none checks. In a separate appearance before MPs yesterday, Mr Cameron came out of his bubble and said: ‘What has happened is not acceptable. It is not acceptable it went on for so long and will be holding a full public inquiry at Sir Michael’s suggestion.’

This is being seen now by some at Westminster as a rebuke towards the Home Secretary. But Mr Cameron also said that Ms May’s pilot scheme – which told officers not to carry out intelligence-led checks – had increased the number of illegal immigrants detected by over 10 per cent.

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