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Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Doctors want to ban smoking in cars

Doctors want to ban smoking in cars, even if you're on your own car which will never happen, no law could possibly be passed to stop anyone smoking in their own cars, as it would have a totally disregard for your own personal rights and freedom, and what would be next? Banning you from smoking in your own homes? It’s preposterous and laughable and could never be policed, just like driving in cars using your phones? How many of you each day see hundreds of driver flouting that law?

Doctors say Toxins from smoking in a closed vehicle can be 23 times higher than in a smoky bar, the call comes ahead of debate next week on Private Members’ Bill calling for smoking ban in cars with children present which is ok and fully agreeable, know one should smoke with children in car, but again how is that going to be policed? And are you going to be fined? If you’re in your own or with an adult that’s different, because adult’s have a choice children don’t you won’t stop smoker smoking in cars with or without children, just like you don’t stop driver using their phones even with the threat of a small find and only three points on your licences it doesn’t stop some drivers?

Smoking in your car should be against the law, doctors have told ministers.

The British Medical Association is calling on the Government to bring in the ‘bold and courageous’ ban for reasons of health rather than road safety.

Toxin levels from smoking in a closed vehicle can be 23 times higher than in a typical smoky bar; it is claimed, putting children particular risk.

Children absorb more pollutants than adults and their immature immune systems are less able to cope with second-hand smoke, according to the BMA.

The elderly are prone to respiratory problems that can be made worse by inhaling cigarette smoke. Such vulnerable groups may be unable to refuse journeys in smoky vehicles, the BMA points out. (Well there’s always a bus or taxi)(Smokers have rights as well which bit by bit have already been taken away)

Dr Vivienne Nathanson, of the BMA, said: ‘Every year in England there are more than 80,000 deaths that are caused by smoking. This figure increases to a shocking six million worldwide.( Yes but we are not talking worldwide we are talking about here in England)

‘Doctors see the individual cases of ill-health and premature death caused by smoking and second-hand smoke.(Speeding driver also cause others to have premature deaths and nothing is ever done about that?)

'Doctors are committed to reducing the harm caused by tobacco.

‘The UK made a huge step forward in the fight against tobacco by banning smoking in all enclosed public places but more can still be done.

‘We are calling on the UK Government to take the bold and courageous step of banning smoking in private vehicles.

‘The evidence for extending the smoke-free legislation is compelling. The current UK Government prefers voluntary measures or 'nudging' to bring about public health change, but this stance has been shown to fail time and time again.’

A Department of Health spokeswoman said: 'We do not believe that legislation is the most effective way to encourage people to change their behaviour.

'Smoking is undeniably one of the biggest and most stubborn challenges in public health.

'In March, we published our plans to help drive down smoking rates and reduce the harms from tobacco over the next five years.

'As part of this commitment, we will be launching a national marketing campaign next year to remind smokers of the risks of exposing children and adults to second-hand smoke and we will be supporting local areas to work in partnership to encourage smokers to change their behaviour.'

The BMA’s message coincides with the second reading of a Private Members’ Bill, on November 25, calling for a smoking ban in vehicles when children are present.

But Simon Clark, of smokers’ group Forest said: ‘There is no justification for a ban in cars, with or without children present.

‘Legislation is a gross over-reaction. What next, a ban on smoking in the home or side in the garden or streets smokers also have rights which are being over looked?’

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