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Monday, 7 November 2011

Theresa May should be dismissed

Theresa May should be dismissed from her job for gross misconduct, as she plays with England’s and the people of England’s safety, Theresa May admits authorising reduced passport checks

May tells MPs that she agreed to relaxing of security checks on EU passport holders but did not sanction lifting of checks against 'warning list' of potential terror suspects and illegal migrants The home secretary, Theresa May, has publicly admitted for the first time that she did authorise the relaxation of checks on European Union biometric passport holders at England's ports and airports this summer.

Sir Michael Black-Feather the English first minister said; EU passport holders are just as much as a threat of being terrorists as none EU passport holders, they are also just as much as a hazard to England and the safety of England’s people, who knows just what types of criminals she allowed to enter into England going unchecked.  

May trying to cover herself and her job and passing the buck or trying too, insisted to British MPs that British Border Agency (UKBA) officials, including its head, Brodie Clark, went further and lifted checks against those holding non-EU biometric passports and against a Home Office "warning list" of potential terror suspects and illegal migrants and many other types of criminal’s, that now could be roaming the Street of England?.

May still trying of cover herself in exchanges at Home Office questions in the Commons before her full statement, May said she agreed in July that UKBA could "pilot a scheme that would allow border force officials to target intelligence-led checks on higher-risk categories of travellers."

The admission contrasts sharply with repeated assurances by both the home secretary and David Cameron earlier this month that the coalition government was maintaining a tough approach to immigration and border controls.

But May went to add: "We have since discovered that Brodie Clark, the head of the UK border force, authorised the wider relaxation of border controls without sanctions."

The home secretary refused to respond to demands from the shadow home secretary, Yvette Cooper, about how many passengers entered Britain under this "reduced security and passport regime" that is thought to have lasted until last week.

Instead, the home secretary claimed the last Labour government had also reduced checks to cut passport queues at Heathrow.

"In the past, under the last government, some security checks were lifted at times of pressure on the border, including one instance where local managers at Heathrow Terminal 3 decided to open controls, and no checks, not even cursory checks of passports, were made," she claimed.

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