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Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Iran’s Protesters Chanting “death to England”, (Why)

Iran’s Protesters Chanting “death to England”, (Why)
British embassy staff leave Iran following ransacking of diplomatic offices,
British embassy staff are being pulled out of Iran after two British diplomatic compounds in Tehran were ransacked, the Foreign Office has announced and this is something that the foreign should have done months ago, and it was only a matter of time this was going to happen?

Britain’s relations with the country were plunged into their worst crisis if that possible in decades after two embassy blocks were targeted, forcing diplomatic staff to seek refuge in secure rooms.

An FCO spokesman said: "The Prime Minister and Foreign Secretary have made clear that ensuring the safety of our staff and their families is our immediate priority. In light of yesterday's events and to ensure the on-going safety, some staff are leaving Tehran."

When asked how many staff were leaving or if the embassy was going to remain open, he added: "We do not comment on our contingency plans and we will make any announcement about our embassy and staff at the appropriate time."

It follows extraordinary scenes yesterday at the British embassy near Tehran’s central bazaar, where riot police simply stood by as demonstrators broke into the main building and tore down pictures of The Queen, looted sensitive documents, smashed windows and even threw petrol bombs.

Chanting “death to England”, the protesters - many of them organised by a student branch of the pro-regime Basiji militia - burned the British flag and set a car on fire in protest at sanctions imposed last week on the Iranian banking system. (Why is it? That it’s always the English that get the blame for whatever the British government does? England has no say on what the British government does, it has no voice in the British government or its parliament, and do you always notice! That it is always only men at these so called protest you never see the women?)

Of course The United States condemns this in the strongest terms the storming of the British Embassy in Tehran. Iran has a responsibility to protect the diplomatic missions present in its country and the personnel stationed at them. We urge Iran to fully respect its international obligations, to condemn the incident, to prosecute the offenders, and to ensure that no further such incidents take place either at the British Embassy or any other mission in Iran. Our State Department is in close contact with the British government and we stand ready to support our allies at this difficult time.
Prosecute offenders that’s not going to happen? Respect international obligations that’s not going to happen either?

1953 – Britain and the United States help orchestrate the overthrow of popular Prime Minister Mohammed Mossadegh and restore Shah Mohammed Reza Pahlavi to power looking back was that such a good idea? Its seems whenever the British and the US governments interfere with the internal politics of other countries nothing really become of it somewhere down the times line it always backs fires?

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