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Thursday, 17 November 2011

IRAN The World’s powers are express 'deepening and ever increasing concern' over Iran nuclear power

The World’s powers are express 'deepening and ever increasing concern' over Iran nuclear power programme (Making the big bomb or bombs, and just where they might drop them, dose really take much guess work there?)

World powers have called on Iran to co-operate with the United Nations' nuclear watchdog as they expressed "deepening and increasing concern" about Tehran's nuclear programme.

Following a hard-hitting report by the International Atomic Energy Agency last week, the five permanent members of the UN Security Council plus Germany agreed on a resolution criticising Iran's continued defiance of inspectors and lack of clarity. (But looking at things in Iran’s eyes, Who are the UN Security Council when it’s at home to tell them what they can and cannot do in their own country and what about every other country in the world that already has its own nuclear power and far bigger bombs?)

The resolution, which is expected to be passed by the IAEA's board of governors on Friday, called on Iran to "engage seriously and without preconditions in talks aimed at restoring international confidence in the exclusively peaceful nature" of Tehran's nuclear programme. (Note saying peaceful nature, yet Israel has already had a go in bombing Iran killing 17 people)

The council has expressed "deep and increasing concerns about unresolved issues regarding the Iranian nuclear programme, including those which need to be clarified to exclude the existence of possible military use".

The however it’s going to be, a represented compromise between the US, the British, French and Germans, would have preferred tougher language and a referral of Iran to the UN Security Council, Russia and China, were more reluctant to get involved

The West wanted to use a referral as a platform for a fifth round of sanctions, which it believes are beginning to weaken the Iran's theocratic government which is a big mistake to think, if you keep on poking a wasps nest with a stick sooner or later you’re going to get stung?

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