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Sunday, 13 November 2011

Top Tory MP calls Cameron ARSE

Top Tory MP calls Cameron ARSE and 'the worst “British” politician since Gladstone'

A senior Tory MP was last night accused of launching a tirade of abuse against David Cameron in which he allegedly described the Prime Minister as an 'arse'.

Former Army colonel Patrick Mercer was also claimed to have witheringly dismissed Mr Cameron as 'a despicable creature' and 'the worst politician in British history since William Gladstone'.

The extraordinary remarks were allegedly recorded at a party in Central London last week.
Mr Mercer, a former homeland security spokesman for the Tories, denied making the comments even though The London Times understands that the tape-recording has been played back to him.

However, Mr Mercer did admit suggesting that Home Secretary Theresa May would probably have to resign in the wake of the row over border agency controls being relaxed.

According to reports last night, the Newark MP was taped as he attended the annual autumn party of The London Magazine.

Mr Mercer, a subscriber to the lifestyle magazine, was allegedly recorded saying:
Cameron was an arse. That's a matter of fact, not politics.'

'I would take a beggar off the streets... rather than have Cameron.'

'He is the worst politician in British history since William Gladstone.'

But in a statement last night, Mr Mercer said: 'I did not make those remarks.' Although it is what most of England is thinking at the moment the Cameron is not fit to run the country one over the many issues and another dismissing the English public point of view on want out of the EU vote

The row comes four years after Mr Mercer was forced to resign as the Tories' homeland security spokesman when he made comments on race in the Army which Mr Cameron condemned as 'unacceptable'.

Mr Mercer had said that he had met 'a lot' of 'idle and useless' ethnic minority soldiers who used racism as a 'cover'.

The former Sherwood Foresters colonel also appeared to say that being called a 'black b******” was a normal part of Army life.

At the time of his remarks the MP, who served in Northern Ireland and was commended for gallantry in 1990, said he 'deeply' regretted any offence he had caused.

Mr Cameron put out an immediate statement about that incident apologising for Mr Mercer's comments, adding: 'We should not tolerate racism in the Army or in any walk of life. Patrick Mercer is no longer a shadow Minister.' We have to wonder now what is Cameron going to do with May, as something very clearly has to be?

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