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Thursday, 24 November 2011

David Cameron says take your children to work during pensions strike

David Cameron says take your children to work during pensions strike,
Employers should allow parents to bring their children to work during next week's pensions strike by public sector workers, Cameron said as he indicated he might be willing to make it harder to take industrial action capping, freedom of rights to express yourselves when you feel the need actions speak louder than words?

The English first minister Sir Michael Black-Feather said that he had offered Mr Cameron away out of the strike in a letter he sent to the prime minister to act as arbitrator over the actions, which in it he said he felt sure that he could avoid the actions taken by public sector workers, his offer was declined by Downing Street.

Sir Michael said that it is totally unrealistic to ask parents or employers to allow or take children to many of the work places, a young child sitting in an offices for 8 hours a day wouldn’t know what to do with itself, and could actually cause more stress to the parents and other employee’s, let alone the health and safety issues that could occur in these days of mad cap EU bureaucracy which this government has been fully supported of.

Millions of parents are expected to struggle with childcare as teachers take part in a 24-hour walkout next Wednesday, which could see more than two million workers on strike in the biggest outbreak of industrial unrest since the 1979 Winter of Discontent.

There were calls for changes in strike laws from the Tories in the Commons after Tory MP Richard Ottaway said strikes should be banned unless 50% or more of a union's members voted for it.

David Cameron said the strikes were the “height of irresponsibility” and a “tragedy” at a time when an “extremely reasonable” pension’s offer was on the table.

A source indicated that No 10 staff could be among those able to bring their children to work that will have special accommodations for cost tax payers thousands of pounds.

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