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Wednesday, 2 November 2011

British PM Cameron’s snake in the grass Clegg?

British PM Cameron’s snake in the grass Clegg?

The British Prime Minister David Cameron has been told by his own party and outside influences to get a grip on Nick Clegg the Tories back stabbing snake in the grass, the Tories tell Cameron and fury flies over his comments on Europe
Pressure was mounting on David Cameron last night to slap down Clegg over Europe after Clegg accused euro-sceptic Tories of pushing Britain towards ‘economic suicide’.

The Deputy Prime Minister enraged backbench Tories and many others with an outspoken attack on ‘extremists’ who want to claw back powers from the European Union. (It’s always been known that you could never trust the Lib-Dems, it’s only by the grace of God they didn’t get full power, and if Cameron had any scene he would have re held the general elections and possible with the help of others’ win a clear majority? But he also yields to the greed for power and now has a conspirator and snake in his camp)

He said: ‘Being shoved to the margins [of Europe], or retreating there voluntarily would be economic suicide – a sure-fire way to hurt British businesses and lose jobs.’

Half-wit Clegg, a former MEP who cut his political teeth in Brussels, has also threatened to veto a Tory-inspired ‘smash-and-grab raid’ on the EU aimed at bringing control of issues such as immigration, human rights and employment law back to Britain.

Mr Cameron yesterday acknowledged the growing divide between the Coalition partners on Europe, saying: ‘We do not agree about every aspect of European policy by any manner of means.’ ( If Cameron wants to win votes and win a very clear lead in the next elections, then one sure way of wining many English votes from other party and those who don’t bother voting is to hold a referendum on IN or OUT of the EU)

He said the Government would act ‘as a coalition’ to achieve a ‘more satisfactory’ deal on Europe. But he gave few clues as to how he would resolve the tensions with the snake in his camp Nick Clegg.

Last night he was under growing pressure from Tory MPs to assert his authority over his Lib Dem deputy. Tory Peter Bone even suggested Clegg should be sacked over his comments. (Clegg wouldn’t be missed? and Cameron could always put the English first minister in his place, who was a very devoted Tory back in Thatcher’s day and a Thatcher confidant, but even he wants out of the EU and has always said England would be far strong and far better off without the EU holding us back with all the stupid rules and red tape rubbish)

Peter Bone said: ‘I don’t understand how the Deputy Prime Minister even remains in his post tonight when his comments implicitly criticise the Prime Minister.

‘The Prime Minister wants powers back from Europe. Yet it seems to be Mr Clegg and a few Lib Dems dictating policy – it is outrageous. ‘

Tory MP Julian Lewis added: ‘I am a conservative Conservative: if I had wanted to be a Liberal, I would have joined the Liberal Democrat party, and if the country had wanted the Liberals to be having as much influence as they have got, they’d have voted for them in rather larger numbers.’

Fellow Tory Douglas Carswell pointed out that the latest opinion poll put support for the Lib Dems at just 8 per cent – only one point ahead of the anti-EU UK Independence Party.

Mr Carswell said: ‘Nick Clegg needs to be reminded that he is leading a party which is now running neck and neck with UKIP. If he wants to trigger a General Election on this issue then good luck to him.’

The row broke as an exclusive new poll revealed that virtually all card-carrying Conservatives want to see powers clawed back from Brussels to Westminster.
The survey of almost 2,000 Conservative Party members, commissioned by the Daily Mail, reveals that 97 per cent want to ‘change the terms’ of Britain’s membership of the European Union.

Some 92 per cent believe Mr Cameron should veto any new treaty on shoring up the Eurozone unless it is accompanied by a major negotiation aimed at returning power to the UK.

More than three-quarters (77 per cent) believe there should also be a referendum on Britain’s continuing membership of the EU.

Mr Cameron was so unsettled by the deepening crisis over Europe that he was unable to sleep on the 20-hour flight to the Commonwealth summit in Australia, it emerged yesterday.

The Prime Minister, who is normally a good sleeper, is said to have stalked the aircraft cabin restlessly on Thursday. He is said to have been so tired on arrival in Australia that several engagements were delayed to allow him time to rest.

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