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Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Cameron’s nasty little snake in the grass, Nick Clegg

Cameron’s nasty little snake in the grass, Nick Clegg should stop scaremongering and talk about democracy inside the EU which seems to only apply to some countries, England not being one of them, if England doesn’t watch it’s back? The German’s and the French and other within Brussels will rob the shirts off our backs and anything else they can get their greedy grubby little hands on? Time for England to pull out or make the deal that suits us not others

In recent months supporters of the European Union have repeatedly invoked its original lofty purposes: preventing another major war, but what about the 38 if not more wars that are currently going on Afghanistan being number one in the top 10, going on now for over ten years at a cost of billions of pounds the England’s tax payers, money that could have been spent on re-building England jobs and homes betters service rather than more and more cut backs, or spent on protecting are costal marina life.

But In order to prevent a Greek default, EU leaders - Merkel and Sarkozy - 'persuaded' bankers to take a 50% 'haircut'. The 'voluntary' nature of this arrangement sneakily nullified Credit Default Swaps routinely used to reinsure such bonds, thereby disinclining investors to purchase further European government bonds, except at the exorbitant rates we have seen in recent days.

Next came the cold coups against elected governments in Athens and Rome, one of which dared to consult its own people through the referendum that never was, followed by the appointment of economic 'technocrats' with a background in Brussels, who still have to work in coalition with politicians with substantial support in the respective parliaments.

Any pretence at democratic control has been abandoned, since the Eurozone's business is being cooked up now in Frankfurt by a tight little group of Germans, French and EU officials, who can fit round a small table. What, if anything, do all the MEPs we are paying millions of pound a year fore have to say about this, nothing apparently? And this Cameron British lead government sit back and take it, did we actually win the last two wars with Germany or did they win, because the way things are you’ll think they won it?

Many investors rely on mainly US credit rating agencies to assess risk. Hence a French-backed scheme to somehow freeze out their findings should these be inconvenient to European politicians. This was so absurd, for how could you stop a Chinese investment corporation from consulting information freely available in New York, that it has come to nothing, but the fact that the French tried it on is remarkable but there again we can expect that from the French there quite used to taking orders from the Germans.

Many European and British or American politicians would like to see the European Central Bank be enabled to print money to inflate the debtors out of trouble by buying up huge tranches of existing debt. This has run into the brick wall of the German Bundesbank, which preserves Weimar Germany's nightmare memory of hyper-inflation in the early 1920s, when you needed a wheelbarrow full of Reich marks to purchase a single egg and peasant farmhouses filled with the Bechstein and Steinway pianos of the distressed urban middle classes who needed cabbages and potatoes. Of course, the lessons of History can be a useful excuse for doing exactly what you want, ostensibly to avoid a fate worse than death.

At present seats on the ECB are allocated according to however much money each nation contributes: 27% in the case of Germany, but places like Luxemburg or Malta also have seats too. The Germans are trying to increase their representation so as to block the conversion of the ECB into the equivalent of the US Federal Reserve or our Bank of England, (Bank of England not the Bank of British) with their repeated resort to what is called quantitative easing and what is England doing? not much as England has no representation within the EU or the British government.

Although it is unconstitutional under German law for the Germans to assume any other Eurozone countries debts, the German government is seeking the right to impose EU commissioners on the debtor countries, while simultaneously offering the carrot of 'Eurobonds' which will be as unattractive to investors as the failed EUR 1 trillion EFSF. Oh, and the Germans are all for a financial transactions tax, which will destroy the City of London. Europe, as Mrs Merkel's party leader says, is going to have to learn to speak German.

Meanwhile, here in England, the laughable half-wit Nick Clegg says that anyone who objects to these corrupt and undemocratic arrangements is a,  agitator, populist or xenophobe. In fact, he seems to have some peculiarly irrational attachment to a project that is collapsing around his ears, and which, in its present form, is multiplying the numbers of populists and xenophobes, if that is what is meant by the response to Dutch, German or Finnish commissars heading south to control once sovereign governments, not to speak of such would-be democratic nonsense as a directly elected EU President to accompany its absurd unelected 'foreign minister' Ms Ashton who was only given the job for her favours? Not her skills as she clearly hasn’t any

In recent decades the once so called respectable political creed of Liberalism has collapsed into a series of attitudes and postures - on Europe, human rights, costly green measures and so on - and it is about time that others pointed this out to Clegg before we can all do so at the ballot box in around 2015. Otherwise it won't just be Greeks and Italians who are going to be learning German you will here in England and Hitler might as well have won the last war if that ever became the case.

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