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Wednesday, 9 November 2011

More unrest over England as student go on protests

More unrest over England as student go on protests over English student fees hike (The Scots get it all for nothing, subsidised by our caring sharing British Government via your English taxes)

Thousands of students have taken to the streets to protest against a hike in university tuition fees, despite a heavy police presence and warnings of rubber bullets being fired if violence erupts.

In London thousands of officers swamped the route of the demonstration, in many places outnumbering the students not wishing the protests erupting into riots.

Although the protest had been largely peaceful, minor scuffles erupted after a group split off from the march and set up a makeshift camp in Trafalgar Square, putting up 20 tents at the foot of Nelson's Column.

They said they were planning to stay for as "long as possible" and chanted: "Whose square? Our square."

British Police moved in fast, making several arrests and removing protesters from tents.

Officers in riot gear also formed lines on Fleet Street to prevent demonstrators making their way towards St Paul's Cathedral, where the Occupy London Stock Exchange group has set up its camp.

One officer said: "We are trying to stop them getting down to St Paul's and causing mass chaos."

The activists moved on from the potential flashpoint after about 20 minutes.

There were also violent exchanges as some anarchists threw items at police lines.

Protesters have accused the police of using "ludicrous" tactics - as they appeared to outnumber those on the march.

Many demonstrators were thought to have been deterred from attending the protest because of the fear of heavy-handed police tactics, while others said they felt the officers were antagonising protesters and looking to actually cause trouble.

David Wilson, 27, told the London Times "It is ludicrous. It is antagonistic; it is like they are egging on a fight, which is frankly embarrassing."

Jane Jones, 25, added: "I have got friends who haven't come along because of the threat of being shot by rubber bullets."

Imperial College PhD student Sheridan Few, 24, said: "I think it makes it even more important - we shouldn't be intimidated."

Organisers claim there are around 10,000 activists on the march, while police say the figure is nearer 2,000. It would seem that England’s unrest has only just begun and things are going to get far worse before they get better?

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