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England's White Dragon
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Monday, 14 November 2011

Tony Blair the man that betrayed his own country for his own greed

Tony Blair the man that betrayed his own country for his own greed now as the audacity to say the Eurozone breakup would be 'catastrophic' if there ever was an “Arse” Tony Blair would foot the bill far better than David Cameron?

The disgrace Blair a former British prime or pimp minters that did a runner when his lies were going to catch up with him and bite him on his arse, Blair is a proven liar, cheat, and dishonour man without any doubts on those facts?

Now he calls for 'whole weight of Europe' to stand behind single currency and resolve Eurozone debt crisis, because it holds some hidden agenda to him or those that pull the puppets strings?

Blair has warned Europe's leaders of the "catastrophic" consequences of the breakup of the Eurozone, saying the current crisis was the most serious the European political project had ever faced, and this is the same man that put his own country into catastrophic consequences with his lies and deceit, and then did a runner with millions of English tax payers pounds in his pockets and his wife,  both made millions out of England people this man cannot be trusted and all those that put their trust in him be it on their own perils.

The former disgraced ex British prime minister Blair continued to hold out the possibility that in the "very long term", England might still join the euro, should the single currency survive and stabilise. (There’s not a chance in hell of England joining the euro as long as one Englishman can draw a breath, there would be 100% No vote on having the euro in England, and a vote would have to be put to the people and if not then a civil war would come)

Blair told Marr: "You've got to be careful of always being in a situation where you are just behind the curve of decision-making, and Blair knows all about the curve and being careful the curve is he an arse and careful is you do a runner when you think your just about to get caught out?.

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