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Thursday, 22 December 2011

England oil?

England oil?

No, Mr Salmond, some of it’s ENGLAND’s Oil!!

So far Scotland and the Scottish National Party have had it all their own way claiming that North Sea oil is Scottish.

As a lawyer I can tell Alex Salmond that the normal International Conventions for determining the National Territorial Boundaries of the coastal Seabeds between Nations would suggest that up to half of North Sea oil is within English territorial waters, if you apply the geological test, and a quarter if you apply the average of the national land boundary test.

I therefore call upon the Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills and President of the Board of Trade, Mr Vince Cable, to institute a proper judicial enquiry to establish the boundary without further delay or prevarication.

The English Democrats are the only Party campaigning for English national interests to be properly represented. As part of our campaign, we now call for the respective national ownership of the off-shore territorial seabed, and therefore of the mineral resources, be judicially determined between England and Scotland.

This determination will allow the claims of the Scottish National Party as to Scottish oil to be properly allocated. In the highly probable event of Alex Salmond winning a referendum for independence of Scotland, that there will already be a binding determination at least on this issue out of the many other issues that will need to be resolved between the successor national states after the dissolution of the United Kingdom. This would also be an important step if full fiscal autonomy is to be granted to Scotland, under so called “Devo Max”.

The English Democrats will be organising a demonstration outside the Department of State for Business Innovation and Skills early in the New Year to follow up this call. I would therefore call for volunteers to take part in a demonstration. Would all those interested please email It’sEngland’sOil@EngDem.org?

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Cameron getting back on line?

British PM Cameron getting back on line? No dole if you let your children bunk off school British Prime Minister David Cameron vows blitz on feckless families

PARENTS of truants could be stripped of benefits, David Cameron vowed yesterday.

The PM said he aims to crack down on the Shameless-style families who wreak havoc in towns and cities around Britain.

Mr Cameron said mums and dads must make sure their children obey the rules.

He asked: "Is it time that the parents of pupils who continually play truant face even stronger sanctions if they refuse to take responsibility for their children?"

As MPs return from their summer recess today, the PM also pledged to make teachers the boss in the classroom again. He stressed they can "intervene physically to maintain order".

Schools already have the power to ask courts to fine parents whose kids keeping skipping class.

The maximum punishment is a £2,000 fine or even jail.

But many reckless parents ignore the fines, and the law brakes down because judges are reluctant to send them to prison and these judges should be removed from power and judges put into power that will carry out the law, when parents actually see others getting a £2000 fine and being made to pay it, or actually going to prison will change others minds about ignoring the laws.

Mr Cameron said he wants to move faster on plans to target 120,000 "families from hell" who cause misery for local people.

He said: "For too long, Government has not intervened properly for fear of causing offence or because turning them around is hard, painstaking work, "These problem families have been ducked for too long – and we won't be ducking them now."

The PM said he also wants to do more to get people off the dole and back to work.

Ministers have already launched a new Work Programme to find them jobs.

Benefits will also be overhauled to make sure people are always better off in work. But Mr Cameron said: "Given the scale of the problem, can't we go further? Say by asking much more of people on benefits who should be looking for work – or even imposing stricter penalties on those who refuse job offers?"

Cameron will despatch "Shameless squads" across England

DAVID Cameron will despatch "Shameless squads" across the UK from today to target layabout problem families.

As the jewel in the PM's new assault on Broken Britain, the teams will pinpoint the estimated 120,000 failed households.

The "trouble shooter squads" will co-ordinate services such as police patrols and job centres on the lazy. Families will be given their own action plans and will face tough penalties if they don't co-operate.

Feckless parents without jobs and their crime wave kids — lampooned in Channel 4 TV series Shameless — each cost taxpayers £75,000 a year, totalling £9billion.

Launching his new blueprint, Mr Cameron will insist the hard core of problem families can be turned around. The PM will say in a speech today: "My mission in politics is fixing the responsibility deficit, building a stronger society, in which more people understand their obligations, and more take control over their own lives. I am an optimist about human nature. I don't believe in writing people off."

The action plan is the PM's set-piece response to the August riots.

The squads will be appointed by local councils but will report back to a new Troubled Families Unit in Whitehall, headed up by former victims' tsar Louise Casey.

Charities and firms will also be offered bounties if they cure problem families.

Mr Cameron will add that he hates the idea of paying "ever larger amounts in welfare" without the recipients ever changing their lives

EU costs English tax payers over £51 million pounds a week?

EU costs English tax payers over £51 million pounds a week? English Democrats now join the many other political party members that want England out of the EU
Last September the celebrity journalist and commentator, Jon Gaunt ("Gaunty"), asked to come and speak at the English Democrats' Annual Conference. He spoke to us about the launch of his, then new, EU referendum campaign group. As you would expect from English nationalists, Jon and his campaign were enthusiastically supported by one and all!

I was therefore delighted when Jon mentioned to me a few days ago that his group is now aiming to run local referenda in the LibLabCon leaders' constituencies. Jon then asked would the English Democrats help - especially in Doncaster North, Ed Miliband's constituency.

I immediately spoke to our Executive Mayor of Doncaster, Peter Davies, and he was also delighted to help and to throw the weight of his mayoralty and therefore of Doncaster MBC behind the campaign! I look forward to the progress of a campaign which will put Ed Miliband's kneejerk Islington Europhilia to a stress test! The English Democrats will be doing all we can to help!

Here is Jon Gaunt's Press Release:-
Now Is the Time – Cameron Should Let the People Decide
The British public now has even less of a say in the EU yet still pays £51m a day

The Vote UK out of EU Campaign welcomes David Cameron’s stance on the EU Treaty yet demands the Prime Minister goes one step further and offers to put the question on the future of EU membership in a straight in/out referendum to the British public.

The Prime Minister should be congratulated for refusing to sign the Treaty but as a result it is clear that we are more isolated than ever before. Now is the time to go further. In previous polls taken by the Vote UK out of EU Campaign, people across Britain have made their views clear – they want out.

They have had enough of the endless regulation, the ridiculous waste of billions of pounds of our money and politicians bossing us around who were not elected here in the UK.

In response to this widely held view, the Vote UK out of EU Campaign has announced that it is to hold three independently run referendums in the party leader’s constituencies of Witney, Sheffield Hallam and Doncaster North. These will be run by the Electoral Reform Services and will be completely independent from the campaign. Paid for by campaign supporters including businesses, the campaign has been encouraged by emails of support and generous donations made online since the announcement of the referendum. Furthermore, individuals are now coming forward offering to pay for a referendum in their constituency.

Commenting on this and David Cameron’s refusal to put the question to the British public, Vote UK out of EU Campaign spokesman, Jon Gaunt said:

“We congratulate David Cameron but he hasn’t gone far enough. He has left us even more isolated and more vulnerable than before. Britain is a strong nation and can survive without being held back by other EU countries – now is the time to trust the British public and put the question to them via a referendum.

Jon Gaunt goes onto add:

“When the British people realise that they have even less say on how their £51 million a day is being spent in the EU, they will quite rightly demand their money back. When this country is in a deep recession, how can we justify spending this outrageous amount of money? It has to stop. What is David Cameron frightened of? Our referendum next May will put even more pressure on him to do the right thing and offer the opportunity to the rest of the UK”.

The UK is now a member of a “two speed” Europe with the other 26 member states jammed in the slow lane. However, the UK could be speeding along in the fast lane if Cameron heads for the exit that leads to giving the British public an in/out referendum on EU membership.

Click here for the press release >>> http://voteukoutofeu.co.uk/press-release-now-is-the-time-cameron-should-let-the-people-decide

Saturday, 10 December 2011

EU Treaty Cameron was right, and about time he put England’s interests first

Cameron was right, and about time he put England’s interests first, now maybe he should think, and listen to his own MP’s and the people of England and pull England out of the EU

The EU costs English tax payers over £60 million pounds a week just for being a member, without the £100’s of millions a year it cost England’s taxpayers in EU bail outs and its member’s corruptions?

EU Treaty would only serve those with the euro such as the German’s and French more than its fellow euro partners how economic truths were hidden by 'blaming Britain'
It was the day they missed perhaps their last chance to save their tottering currency; the day they significantly reduced democracy, and locked in economic misery, for tens of millions of their people
It might even have been the day that the EU, as we have known it, ceased to exist. But for Europe’s leaders yesterday, all these unfortunate truths were at least partly concealed by making it the day for blaming Britain.

“We have a very good result,” said the president of the European Parliament, Jerzy Buzek. “Twenty-six versus one.” An agreement of all 27 EU members, said France’s Nicolas Sarkozy, was impossible “thanks to our British friends.” Maybe he was just tired – it was 5am – but as he ground out the words, the French president’s lip seemed to curl.

Angela Merkel, the German chancellor, told reporters: “I really don’t believe David Cameron was ever with us at the table.”

In what seemed, at times, like the anti-British summit, lower-ranking figures circulated through the halls, turning up the rhetoric in the search for a scapegoat. Cameron had been “clumsy in his manoeuvring,” said one senior EU diplomat. Guy Verhofstadt, the former prime minister of Belgium, was on hand to tell us that Britain was now “outside the economic policies of the EU.”

None of this is necessarily wrong. In the early hours of yesterday, by saying that he would not agree a treaty for closer eurozone “fiscal union” without safeguards for the City, Mr Cameron may indeed have brought Britain to a 50-year crossroads. But it is substantially beside the point.

British officials concede that for most of Thursday night, as the EU leaders’ “informal dinner” turned into intense negotiations about the euro fiscal pact, Mr Cameron, outside the euro, said relatively little, neither speaking nor being spoken to.

Not until 2.30am, six hours after the start of the dinner and long after the plates of cod and chocolate cake had been cleared, did the leaders still sat round the dining table hear the Prime Minister’s pitch.

They listened to him, though there is disagreement on how politely and for how long. British officials insisted that the discussions “always remained quite friendly,” but another source said Sarkozy delivered a “tongue-lashing.” The discussion was substantively over in about fifteen minutes, said one eurozone diplomat; longer, according to the British.

At just after 6am, a grim-looking Mr Cameron came to the press conference podium to announce his momentous decision. “We wish them well,” he said of his European partners, using the language of separation. Some of the British officials, a lifetime of EU engagement behind them, looked sick. And as the morning wore on, Britain’s allies steadily diminished, from five to two, to one and then to none.

But all this may well soon be overtaken by events. Asked if the euro was safe now, the prime minister of Poland, which holds the EU presidency, said: “I’m not sure.” Though Mrs Merkel called the agreement a “breakthrough,” even her own foreign minister said it was “not great.” The price of Italy’s sovereign debt went back up towards danger levels.

For the new, Britain-less treaty that the 26 other members agreed looks a lot like the “growth and stability pact” that they signed years ago, then flouted with abandon. And even if this one works, it will take time. There was little or nothing yesterday to tackle the pressing short-term crisis, of confidence in some EU states’ ability to pay their debt.

The “big bazooka” bailout fund that some had expected was nowhere to be seen. The European Central Bank signalled that it would stick rigidly to its rules about not becoming a lender of last resort. "It's not the grand bargain some people had been hoping for," said David Mackie, an economist at J.P. Morgan in London.

Blaming Britain helped divert attention from that, and from the fact that several other EU countries also worry about the path the summit chose, though more discreetly than Mr Cameron. If the fundamental problems remain unsolved, blaming Britain won’t work for very long.

Just outside the room where Mrs Merkel spoke was one of those conceptual EU sculptures. Perhaps appropriately, this one showed what appeared to be a pile of rubble with human body parts trapped in it. The rock-fall that is the euro crisis is no more solved than it was a week ago, and a lot of people could still be buried.