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England's White Dragon
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Thursday, 3 November 2011

Millions of greedy British public sector workers

Millions of greedy British public sector workers are poised to strike despite being given a gold-plated pensions deal offered to them by David Cameron, sack the lot there are plenty employed to do their jobs that would bite your hands of for the golden deal.

Two million British public sector workers are poised to hold a national strike despite being offered a pensions deal that will allow many to enjoy a retirement most English private sector staff cannot hope to match.

Trying to avert the widest industrial action since the 1920s, David Cameron unveiled an improved “take it or leave it” offer yesterday. The Prime Minister said it would provide many public sector staff with “far, far better pensions than people in the private sector”.

Under the new terms, they will retire with pension deals worth up to 20 times that of the average private sector worker. Some will even see their pension entitlements rise, the Treasury said.

The move led to claims that the Prime Minister had backed down in the face of trade union threats.

But the concessions failed to appease greedy union leaders, who said their plans for a “day of action” on Nov 30 would continue unchanged. One dismissed the concessions as “marginal”.

The Coalition has been negotiating with 15 trade unions, representing around 2 million teachers, firemen, council workers and Civil Service staff, to alter their pensions so that the £32 billion annual bill to the English taxpayer can be reduced.

We now live in a world of feed my greed?

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