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Thursday, 1 December 2011

How the British Establishment think about England and its people!

How the British Establishment think about England and its people!

Here are a few quotations which show how the British Establishment think about England:-

Labour – Jack Straw
“The English are potentially very aggressive, very violent”

John Prescott – “There is no such nationality as English”

Labour - Gordon Brown
“the Nations & Regions of Britain” [Note he means that Scotland, Wales & N Irleand are Nations - England is only a collection of Regions !]

Conservative & Unionist Dave Cameron
“I’ll take on the sour Little Englanders, I’ll fight them all the way”.

Conservative & Unionist William Hague
“English Nationalism is the most dangerous of all forms of nationalism”.

Liberal Democrats – Charlie Kennedy
Said that breaking England up into EU Regions is good because “it is calling into question the idea of England itself”.


pwincessjane said...

    who the fuck is John Prescott, ENGLISH AND PROUD
    30 November 2011 02:31
Anonymous said...

    They are all complete Traiters to England. They should be Hanged without mercy.
    30 November 2011 02:32
Anonymous said...

    What they all mean is, Dear god,without England we have nothing,and niether does the rest of the UK! By nature we are a mild mannered race,and they have taken advantage of that for far to long,however,the English worm is about to turn and god help them when it does.
    30 November 2011 07:57
Anonymous said...

    If theres NO England Then WHY do we have an England Football team, an England Rugby team and an England Chricket team. if according to our so called leader of the country there is No England then what should we call these teams? It's OK to be Scottish, It's OK to be Irish and It's OK to be Welsh, So why the Hell can't WE be English.
    30 November 2011 07:58
Anonymous said...

    What a set of ass holes and they are supposed to be in charge lol
    30 November 2011 08:47
Richard said...

    This country is finished it has been for the last 30 year`s.
    If I was 30yrs younger I would leave,the only people that will ever gain from this country is the emigrant`s and in year`s to come they them self`s will fight any government that is in, in fact the truth is it will be the muslims as they have slowly taken over ever country it is only a matter of time, The only thing left to say is good by England.
    30 November 2011 08:49
Lally Stuart said...

    Makes me wonder what my father & grandfather fought for in both world wars! The indiginous English are now at the bottom of the pile!Where ever I go in this country every person one speaks to are singing from the same hymn sheet but nobody is LISTENING!! I'm ENGLISH! NOT British or European!!
    30 November 2011 09:44
Dorset Cowboy said...

    Show of hands says it all
    30 November 2011 10:00
Anonymous said...

    30 November 2011 10:52
Anonymous said...

    I am pleased I will be dead in 20 years time and I dread to think what my children and grandchildren will have to put up with in a MOSSIE country. The ruination of 'THIS ENGLAND' started with Maggie Thatcher, repaired slightly by the Labour Government and now its back to ruination with the Maggie regime once again. The above mentioned parliament representatives should be HUNG< DRAWN AND QUARTERED. Traitors all of them
    30 November 2011 11:00
Edge said...

    We have allowed others into our Country, this once great England, and let them slowly take over. Whilst we maintain such a limp control over the low life scum; which includes some English people(having seen a recent Utube report of a young foul white woman on the underground)we will never be able to rise from the current ashes.
    30 November 2011 11:01
Anonymous said...

    I think the powers that be need to stop confusing nationalism with racism. Yes, there are those who would impose a Nazi-style attitude, but they are the minority. Most of us just wish to be English, we are English, we also respect other peoples nationality, cultures, etc, that doesnt mean we cant maintain our own!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    30 November 2011 11:16
Sammy2512 said...

    The English Lion will soon raise its head & ROAR its defiance NO political party can ignore. We are on the brink of a civil war & I for 1 will be getting in amongst it. I'm English 1st & 4most & will NEVER agree to being british & definitely NOT european. Awaiting the ROAR will great anticipation.
    30 November 2011 12:59
Anonymous said...

    Patriots and Nationalists carry out Patriotism and Nationalism respectively, neither of them are Racist who carry out acts of Racism.
    30 November 2011 13:08
Norman said...

    I am English and proud to be English. People from all over the world are risking their lives to come to England. In the words of the song
    "There will always be an England, and England shall be free, if England means as much to you as England means to me". They are traitors to England,we must have an English Parliment to survive.
    30 November 2011 13:33
Anonymous said...

    The above quotes are just that, they are out of context and could mean pretty much anything be they pro or anti English, while I too am proud of being English Robin Tilbrook is a politician too and will twist what others say to meet his own ends, whom here knows a leading politician that you can trust?

    English and proud of it.
    30 November 2011 13:45
Kiev Joy said...

    I live in Ukraine, having moved here in 2003 to work with disadvantaged children. As American English speakers are in the majority I am usually taken for an American, once Uhrainians realise I'm not American they say 'Ah, Anglishanka'. In other words, 'Oh English.' Isn't it strange that Ukrainians recognise England as a seperate country, but our own politicians can't.
    30 November 2011 13:59
tegz said...

    One of the main historical backdrops to English culture is "Feudalism". It made us what we are, cunning, quiet watchers and merciless once we get the upper hand!
    We never had a real revolution in this country, though that would have been no bad thing- so we have slipped into the murky 21st century by default.
    The EU is the new feudalism and the serfs are being brought in from poorer countries to fill the gap the indigenous people won't fill due to being offered Serf+ status -by the 'last lot' at the so called helm.
    It just won't work, especially as the global financial crunch will make it all doubly baaad.
    30 November 2011 14:00
Anonymous said...

    Anti Engish racism is rife throughout the world ; in England it is permitted because (a) none of us fights back and because (b) we are expcted to keep a stiff upper lip and say nothing and (c) if we dare voice our outrage too vocally we will be accused of extremism or nationalism( or worse ) anyway. England itself is mainly full of foreigners anyway- most of whom loathe us while most politicians ignore the English because they want to keep the Union.

    As England is dismantled brick by brick and our heritage and history are consigned to the bin, the anti English prevail everyywhere and we are letting it happen.

    I am English and I used to be proud of it but the country I knew has gone.

    We need to grow a spine and fight back like they do in every other nation on earth beforfe it is England RIP.
    30 November 2011 14:29
Anonymous said...

    All those listed above are traitors as far as
    English folk are concerned.You have chosen a bunch of second-rate politicians. They are all
    intimidated by 'Englishness' ,that's why they are happy we are now 9 regions of the EU.Our
    party is well positioned to revive the English
    Nation but I fear events are moving too fast.
    I suspect we may soon face these Internet blogs
    being shut down en masse which will severely hamper our revival.There will soon also be good reasons for UKIP to join us under one banner, if
    egos don't get in the way.
    30 November 2011 14:40
Anonymous said...

    I am ENGLISH and proud, colour of skin is nothing compared to the country you should be proud of.
    30 November 2011 15:40
Ian Campbell said...

    Hardly news, Robin! You missed one of Cameron's, when he said that he did not want to be PM 'just of England'. If that job ever comes up, no need for Dave to apply, then.
    30 November 2011 16:04
doodle said...

    english through and through and bloody proud,even hitler gave us some respect ,not so our so called government [or should i say money grabbers at any cost, scum]
    30 November 2011 16:08
doodle said...

    is there such a word as patriotism
    30 November 2011 16:09
doodle said...

    i seem to remember the same about the red indians in america and the maoris ,take heed cameron .
    30 November 2011 16:12
Anonymous said...

    English and proud - no apology considered or offered.
    Let's move it along - time's a wastin'.
    30 November 2011 16:13
Anonymous said...

    was it Churchill who said: 'a country with no past can have no future'.
    Well we certainly have a past - so high time to create a future.
    To the sad resigned comments that 'we're finished' - well I believe we owe a debt to the fathers/grandfathers who fought to keep us free and we have to make the stereotype politician aware - there is a new breed of patriot who will be proactive in saving and subsequently seeing England flourish once again.
    30 November 2011 16:18
Anonymous said...

Gordon Brown...he's going to comment like that isn't he he's SCOTTISH...and as we all the know the histroy with the Scots and ENGLISH....he's a tosser anyway look at what he's done to this country. David Cameron, you are the sour little ENGLANDER among us...you go live on a housing estate for a whole year and see how the poor live, your just a vulture living off our TAX'S
    30 November 2011 16:58
Anonymous said...

Mass immigration has meant that there are millions in this country (particularly from Asia) who have no cultural, emotional or historical ties with England and thus no allegiance to us in adverse times and with the other mass immigrants (from Somalia etc)who have arrived here over the last decade are tearing this nation into pieces.
    Anthony Hodges
    30 November 2011 18:27
Anonymous said...

I think that if you check..CAMERON is a scottish name, David Camerons father was born in scotland.
    30 November 2011 18:47
derk said...

Hypocrisy is ruling, and ruining, this country and the world through greed and capitalism as it expands and changes everything turning all things away from nature and the earth’s natural living recourses. The problem initially comes from the misunderstanding terms of god and religion for all the opposite and wrong reasons and it works its way down through governments, politicians, authorities and within common people, that’s all you need to know about what is wrong with this country and life in general on this planet earth we call home. It’s all biased on power and a differential equation and it’s the size of that differential (in a wide range of ways) which the human race has got to come to turns with and minimise if it’s to survive and find the balance and harmony which as human beings is our destiny and birthright to show the way. Only a true Englishman knows how, why because it always takes one to know one, as being able to make the difficult decision with regard to self denial and self sacrifice and to care as much as possible for that which means more to a person than anything else which any true leader has to have. That which one thinks and says and does should always be the same, and as we all know everyone fails on this account making them a hypocrite and we wonder why nothing ever goes right. It’s time for the true English spirit to rise and show itself to demonstrate honesty, decency and equality and respect for nature and to invest our future in it, and to make the word ENGLAND a complete nation just as the whole world should be, giving us all something to feel proud about in our selves, for our children and the future. So fly the real flag of the true ENGLISH, the white dragon on a Black background, because we are at war with ourselves without really knowing it, and only this symbol will remind you of your own failings and inadequacy’s and demonstrate all that which is possible and achievable, no other flag does this.
    30 November 2011 18:49

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