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Saturday, 5 November 2011

Head of the British Border Force has been suspended

Head of the British Border Force has been suspended after passport vetting procedures wear 'relaxed' allowing untold illegal immigrants and possible terrorist, murders, rapist and all sorts of other criminalities into England.

English minister Sir Michael Black-Feather was furious when he received the news and has personal written to the British Prime Minister David Cameron asking for answers, in what is going to done to find or those that have been let into England wrongly and illegally that have not past the security checks.

The head of the British Border Force who’s meant to check England’s borders has been suspended amid the claims that crucial vetting procedures to stop terrorists and foreign criminals entering England were secretly abandoned this summer.

Brodie Clark who earns a massive £135,000-a-year is being investigated along with two other senior officials over claims that he authorised the stopping of specific checks at ports including Heathrow and Calais.

Sir Michael said it is feared that hundreds of thousands of foreigner criminalities have swept into England in the past four months without having their passports scrutinised the security issues a loan could have let hundreds of suspected terrorist into England and I want answers England’s borders need to be tighten not slacking.

Border guards at airports and ports were ordered not to bother checking biometric chips on passports of citizens from outside the EU, it is claimed.

Staff at the UK Border Force, part of the UK Border Agency, were also allegedly instructed not to compare fingerprints or other personal details against the Home Office’s database of terror suspects and illegal immigrants.

The decisions were taken without the knowledge of ministers and were designed to cut down queues at busy ports and airports and avoid complaints by holidaymakers and tourists during the peak holiday season, it is understood.

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