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Tuesday, 1 November 2011

British Anti-gang plan targets families “out of the womb” and into “handcuff’s”

British Anti-gang plan targets families “out of the womb” and into “handcuff’s”

The British government in its new reattempts to intervene in the lives of young people at risk of becoming gang members which has been left a bit late according the English first minister?

Its new strategy will also seek to help those already involved escape a culture of drug dealing, robbery and violence, but what this British government has failed to see is that most gang members actually what that life, such as the few motorcycle gangs or clubs they are called, like MC “Motorcycle Clubs”, Hells Angels MC being the No1 and far the biggest gang in the world or Outlaw MC theses gangs/club have been going since the 1960’and you won’t change them, if fact some of these gang/clubs like the Hells Angels and Outlaws are in fact worldwide gangs?.

The Department for Work and Pensions aims to tackle 120,000 problem families in England and Wales, in some cases intervening before a child is born.

Sir Michael Black-Feather the English first minister said; tackling gangs is vital but that British government spending cuts he in England could undermine the strategy, it cost money and lots of it to disentangle or even try and solve half the problems we have here in England with gangs, new hard-hitting laws need to be in place giving the Police powers to actually make dealing with these gangs much more effective.

The Home Office told Sir Michael it is promising tougher policing for those refusing to give up their gang lifestyles, with reports suggesting life sentences could be introduced for those convicted of supplying guns, which still falls far short of the wake up shock treatment called for by Sir Michael that he had suggested to David Cameron the British PM.

The police will also "flag up" convicted gang members who should be be facing deportation so the UK Border Agency can take action which was one of the idea introduce by Sir Michael who said; over three years this should have been in place and that they should be on the spot deported out to whence they came. No need for English taxes to be spent on courts, they’re here most of them as illegals bye, bye, you’re out that it’s, “But be warned” come back to England and get caught and you’ll get 25 years, no courts, bang straight up, we need to put up, or shut up no more warning and being soft like we have become, but be tuff and England’s people will support the right and just laws?

The policy review was triggered by Sir Michael by the summer riots but officials stress the strategy goes beyond the causes of that disorder, according to BBC home affairs correspondent Tom Symonds.

A Home Office source said the previous Labour government had "really tried" to deal with social issues through early intervention but that many projects had fallen by the wayside despite the large sums invested, our correspondent added.

The coalition aims to find the most effective ways to intervene in young lives, putting extra money into supporting agencies which are attempting to deal with gangs.

Its strategy - to be published later - includes researching girl gangs, encouraging closer working between health professionals, youth workers, police and schools.

The government defines gangs as loose groupings of young people involved in criminality, defending their "territory" and fighting with other gangs.

Unlike their US counterparts, such as at the infamous Crips and Bloods, British gangs tend to be more fluid and have fewer defined rules and hierarchies.

Ministers have been influenced by a number of projects, including the successful efforts of police and agencies in Glasgow to dramatically cut gang-related violence.

Strathclyde police has focused on identifying the most active gang-members and tackling their crime.

Det Ch Supt John Carnochan, the head of its Violence Reduction Unit says gang members are told their access to additional opportunities is linked to behaviour.

"Some of them fall off the wagon. They're OK for a couple of months and then we receive information that they were caught carrying a knife or they assaulted someone, then we deal with that," he said.

"We will stop them playing football, we will take them off courses they were on. We've actually taken people out of jobs. They always get a second or third change, we never walk away. But they have to know: 'You break your word; we make sure there are consequences'."

Another successful scheme has been the Matrix strategy by pioneered Merseyside Police which combines high-profile law enforcement with schemes to find ways to allow gang members to escape.

However, Shadow Home Secretary Yvette Cooper said: "This government is making it harder, not easier, to take action against gangs by cutting 16,000 police officers and making 20% cuts to youth services.

"Changing the law won't work unless there are properly-funded partnerships in place to deliver the action we need."

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