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Wednesday, 12 October 2011

No Sex over 60s

Over-60s safe sex class in Portsmouth cancelled over 'lack of interest'

There’s a lack of interest in the over 40s let alone the over 60s as people worry about paying bill, rent, mortgages and living expenditures rather being on the job many people just can’t be bother with sex rather have a cup of tea??????

The under sex workshop to teach people over 60 about "sex in later years" has been cancelled due to a "lack of interest" lets fact it! if you don’t know how to have sex or a bit of fun in the bedroom, back of the car or for those a bit more advantageous the front seat of the car or telephone box????. You might as well have a cup tea.

The free session, called Generation Sex, was being run by Portsmouth City Council with the aim of encouraging older people to practise safer sex.

Organisers said participants would be able to have frank and honest discussions about the realities of sex for the older generation.

But the workshop, set to have been held on Wednesday, has been cancelled.
Proof of age

A council spokeswoman said: "Sorry to disappoint but the sex over-60s event has been cancelled due to lack of interest."

The session would have formed part of this year's 60+ festival in the city.

It was advertised as a "frank, fun and factual" event "designed to inform older residents about the truth of sex in later years".

The council said proof of age and Portsmouth residency would have been required by those attending.

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