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England's White Dragon
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Monday, 31 October 2011

British Government Spine to cover up credit card spending’s

Government credit card deceptions, swindles and frauds the Coalition pledges £1bn on 100 projects to kick-start the economy after they pay off the credit card bills?

Tens of thousands of new jobs will be announced today as Dictator David Cameron “strains every sinew” to get the sluggish economy moving. Job’s for office staff maybe to check government credit card statements?

Cameron says the government is on an “all-out mission” to kick-start industry. And half-wit Nick Clegg,  will announce that 35,000 jobs will be created using nearly £1 billion of public money, one has to wonder just wear is all this cash going to becoming from with all the enormous spending cuts this government has mad, and all the jobs it has cause to be lost in its cuts.

He will unveil new investment in more than 100 projects that should trigger billions of pounds additional investment from private enterprise. It will include six “shovel-ready” projects, including two new power stations, that’s only if you have the necessary qualifications to get or do these jobs?

Speaking on the BBC’s Today programme this morning full of this normal rubbish, Clegg said: “What we’re trying to do is invest public money, taxpayers’ money, into companies which can create jobs that last, and for every pound that will be invested from the Regional Growth Fund we estimate about £6 will be matched from the private sector Clegg still living in Neverland playing on the magic rounder about?

“We are trying to rewire the “British” not English economy so we are less reliant on the city of London and financial services and we’re giving more backing to manufacturing and to parts of the country which for too long were basically reliant on hand-outs from Whitehall dose he include British MP’s hand out’s from English tax payers.”

Ministers will be dispatched around the country on credit cards no doubt to press home the message that creating new jobs is vital to growth, with figures to be published tomorrow that are likely to provide further evidence that England is struggling to emerge from the British caused recession. Economists expect Britain’s gross domestic product to have increased by 0.3 per cent between July and September, a slight improvement on the 0.1 per cent growth in the previous quarter.

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