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Thursday, 27 October 2011



The International Agency for Crimes Against Children (IACAC) gathers intelligence and evidence for the interdiction of organized crime syndicates and individuals that profiteer from the trafficking, enslavement, and sexual exploitation of children for prostitution, pornography, forced labour, organ trafficking, and other crimes. These criminal entities not only exploit children in real environments; they have also created a highly sophisticated subculture in cyberspace on both the supply and the demand side that is extremely difficult to track and intercept. Their illicit dealings in child exploitation are often related to other criminal activities including human trafficking in general; intimidation and murder; corruption of political and governmental figures; international money laundering; identity theft; and the fraudulent use of financial instruments such as stolen credit or debit cards, anonymous online payment utilities, offshore banking systems, and various other methods of securing illicit payments.

IACAC also targets the demand side of the exploitation of children by tracking the activities of sex tourism operators and their clientele, as well as individuals physically preying on children. This includes the gathering of evidence on such groups or individuals based on verifiable observation and testimony by victims, and by tracking the activities of child pornographers on both the demand and the supply side.

IACAC functions on a global basis but with a strong emphasis and presence in Europe, more specifically in Eastern Europe, the former Soviet countries of the Caucasus, and Russia. However, IACAC conducts field operations in many regions of the world, with Local Liaison Officers in over 60 countries including those in Southeast Asia, Central and South America, Africa, and Australasia.

In recent times, there has been a rise in the incidence of human organ trafficking. Originally considered an urban myth, organ trafficking has now been proven to be a reality, and children—particularly those in their teens—are especially vulnerable. IACAC maintains a special database on information gathered concerning criminal entities involved in the trade of human organs.

IACAC will work closely when necessary with a number of ratified governmental entities including other intelligence agencies and law enforcement agencies, sharing information and data on criminal activities worldwide, specifically those involved with human trafficking and related crimes. Please see our conditions for ratification on our Operations & Mandates page.

IACAC also welcomes the involvement of the general public in bringing those criminals who traffic and exploit human beings, especially children. We have provided various tools of reporting suspicious persons or activities, including forms that may be found in the right column on this page.

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