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Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Cameron and his corrupted crack down comes under investigations over friends list in lobbying?

Cameron delays crackdown why? Cameron’s own, network with hotline to No.10 has now been revealed
David Cameron was last night accused of pandering to the lobbying industry – as it emerged he has his own extraordinary network of his personal own friends that have taken up key positions in the sector thanks to Cameron.

Campaigners claimed a planned crackdown on the industry had been delayed because of the influence of a string of powerful lobbyists, who include a number of very close friends of and former advisers to the Cameron.

They warned that lobbyists had successfully established a ‘revolving door’ between Mr Cameron’s inner circle and the industry, giving their clients direct access to the heart of Government and national security secrets and also government contracts worth billions of English taxes payer cash in hand-out to Cameron old-boy network of friends?

Of course as expected the spin; Downing Street was on the defensive yesterday over the Coalition’s failure to impose a statutory register of lobbyists, but insisted it would go ahead in the wake of the scandal that engulfed former Defence Secretary Liam Fox.

In February last year Mr Cameron warned that lobbying was ‘the next big scandal waiting to happen’ giving his friend time to cover things up.
A crackdown on the industry was included in the Coalition agreement last year, and Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg pledged it would be put in place this year.

Change is now likely to be delayed until at least 2013 – with lobbyists hoping it could be put off still further once the row over Dr Fox has died down.

And aides to Nick Clegg – whose wife Miriam is a senior figure at law firm DLA Piper, which offers lobbying services – was unable to say or comment on why it had been delayed.

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