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Sunday, 23 October 2011

ENA goes on full standby over EU referendum:

ENA goes on full standby over EU referendum: Tory MPs set to rebel against British government

The British government is facing the prospect of a rebellion by Conservative MPs when Parliament votes on proposals for a referendum on Europe and the ENA has gone on full standby if Cameron becomes a Dictator in not allowing a free democracy vote over staying in the EU or England pulling out.

All Conservative, Lib Dem and Labour MPs have been instructed to vote against the motion calling for a public vote on the UK's place in the EU which would mean England has now become run under dictatorship and not the free will of the people in how it is meant to be, a democracy which is ironic as the British government would have us all believe that the last three wars it’s been involved in, was fighting for others to have this same freedom of rights in democracies?.

However, nearly 70 Tory MPs are likely to defy the party whip on the issue.

Although that will not change the result, their action is being seen as a test of David Cameron's leadership.

The prime minister “opposes a free English public vote” on England's EU membership and has sought to shift attention onto helping to solve the euro-zone crisis which has nothing to do with England, But cost England’s tax payers billions of pounds, cuts in England public services to help bail out the EU, more taxes on taxes so England becomes a burdened funding g for the broken EU and its euro, It’s time to pull out and let the EU and its euro decide its own fate.

Cameron’s Dictatorship in black-mailing and stopping a democracy by installed a three-line whip - the strongest order a party can give - on Conservative MPs, meaning that any who votes against the government will be expected to resign from government jobs putting them no the dole “in other way vote my or lose your jobs”.

Speaking at his press conference in Brussels where he is meeting EU leaders to discuss the euro-zone crisis, Cameron said: "I don't think this is the right time to legislate for an in-out referendum.

"I think this is the right time to sort out Europe's problems, sort out the euro-zone problem, defend your national interest and look to the opportunities in the future to repatriate powers back to Britain."

He said the possibility of changes to the European Union's treaty had been discussed at the summit - and that could provide an opportunity for Britain to reclaim powers from Brussels.

Asked whether raising the possibility of repatriating some of Britain's powers was an olive branch to Tory rebels, Cameron said: "You can interpret it how you want to."
'Downgrade orders'

Brig.Gen Sir Michael Black-Feather said; that Cameron was playing with words, right time, the EU and its euro got itself into the mess it is in, and it not up to England’s tax payer to bail it out, all the EU dose is take, take and take and as for Cameron telling his party members that if the use their free will and vote against him they will be losing their jobs, is just how a Dictatorship starts, when a leader in power dictates what you should and should not do by using fear, Cameron would be no better than Colonel Gaddafi how use fear to dictate his wishes? Cameron’s half-baked coalition government tells the people one thing to gain power, once it has it? dose the complete opposite

Defence Secretary Philip Hammond told the BBC's Andrew Marr Show that despite unhappiness amongst some Tory backbenchers and the threat of some frontbench resignations, "the three-line whip remains because the motion is contrary to government policy (Dictatorship)

Prominent Conservative backbencher John Redwood said there was no need for a three-line whip because Labour and Lib Dem MPs were going to vote against the motion.

He urged the government to downgrade the orders to a one-line whip, which is when the government issues a guide on how it would like its MPs to vote and not dictate on what they should vote.

Labour leader Ed Miliband told the BBC's Politics Show that David Cameron had brought the problems on himself by "appeasing euro sceptics".

"It's no wonder that his backbenchers are disappointed, because he has been pretending for a long time that he is one of them," he said.

The Commons debate on the issue was prompted after a petition was signed by more than 100,000 of England’s people wanting a vote on the EU, if the government ignores the wishes of the people this could lead to massive un-rest right across England.

The motion - which carries no legal weight - calls for a referendum on whether England should remain in the EU, leave or renegotiate its membership.

In the coalition agreement, the Conservatives and the Lib Dems, a traditionally pro-European party, agreed to "ensure that the British government is a positive participant in the European Union, playing a strong and positive role with its partners".

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