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Friday, 21 October 2011

Is David Cameron becoming another “Tony Blair”

Is David Cameron becoming another “Tony Blair” when you can’t believe a word that comes out of the man’s mouth? As he insists Leveson inquiry is not revenge for MPs' expenses scandal.
David Cameron, the British Prime Minister, has insisted that the Leveson inquiry into journalistic standards will not be used to shackle the press in revenge for its exposure of the expenses scandal.

Cameron said the inquiry was not a “hideous threat” to the freedom of the press, adding that the industry should be free to investigate the “dark recesses” of society.

Cameron said: “I am passionate about not just a free press but a press that feels free to inquire. I don’t want anything to stop that.

“I don’t want MPs to use [the inquiry] as an avenue for revenge for the expenses saga.”

The Daily Telegraph’s and the London Times exposures of the scandals of over half of British MPs’ expenses in 2009 led to fundamental changes in the way Westminster is overseen.

Four MPs and two members of the House of Lords were jailed as a direct results of the investigation but with many British MP’s evading capture so far but many newspapers are still digging away at the rot within the British government and the whole British old-boy network political system thus Liam Fox came to light and there are still many more British MP’s being investigated and they won’t know who they are until it’s too late and the evidences has been collected

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