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Saturday, 15 October 2011

Liam Fox just another bent British politician corrupted and now his downfall

Liam Fox just another bent British politician corrupted and now his downfall

British Politics are more corrupted then the Afghans can be just brutal. Three weeks ago a beaming Liam Fox was speaking of his pleasure at having two Prime Ministers David Cameron and Lady Thatcher — in attendance at his 50th birthday party.

And yesterday Fox was forced to hand in his letter of resignation to Cameron after he deliberately allowed the distinction between my personal interest and my government activities to become first’.

There is no defending the appalling lack of judgment that Fox showed in allowing his homosexual boyfriend a non-security-cleared man, a self-styled so called ‘adviser’ Adam Werritty, to attend dozens of Ministry of Defence meetings and official events at home and abroad in a period of only 16 months, Werritty not much of an adviser? Leading his affair with Fox to be Fox’s downfall.

At least one of these meetings — with a defence equipment supplier in Dubai, at which no MoD official was present — was in clear breach of the Ministerial Code and, by itself, a resigning matter and a very clear breach of the official secrets act which is treason at the very least.

The disclosure that Werritty’s trips abroad (appropriately timed to coincide with visits by Fox his lover) were all funded by shadowy businessmen interested in securing lucrative defence contracts proved beyond doubt that  Fox was totally unfit to remain in charge of one of  British Governments most sensitive departments.

The personal tragedy for Fox is that he did not resign last week, as soon as his inappropriate relationship with Werritty became public knowledge, it would have caused him and the British government less embarrassment.

By clinging to office for so long and with his lies, he extensively damaged his reputation, thereby making a return to Government far harder to achieve if at all, and if he was allowed back into in the government (the old back door?) then some serious questions should be asked as to whether or not Cameron is in fact a suitable PM?.

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