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England's White Dragon
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Monday, 24 October 2011

David Cameron compromises with the ENA

David Cameron compromises with the ENA vows to reclaim EU powers amid looming Tory rebellion and ENA warnings, England will seek to claw back powers from Brussels during negotiations for a new rescue deal for the euro, Cameron has also admitted he has attempted to undermine democracy over a Conservative rebellion over calls for an EU referendum.

The British Prime Minister is now to demand more English control over employment and social laws in return for supporting a new European treaty to shore up the single currency.

ENA demanded no more English taxes for the euro and no more silly laws (Like HGV/PSV CPC or Motor Cycles swerve tests)

Cameron said that English taxpayers’ “money will not be used” for the new multi-trillion euro bail-out, it is expected to require a rewriting of EU treaties, which needs England’s backing and may prompt a referendum in this country. Mr Cameron’s “repatriation of powers” offer came as the Conservative leadership was making a last-ditch attempt to stop at least 60 Tory MPs voting for a referendum on leaving the European Union in the Commons today and the ENA going on standby for military actions. Dozens of MPs were expected to reject the “olive branch” from the Prime Minister and vote against the Government, or abstain, in the biggest rebellion Cameron has faced since entering No10. He has infuriated backbench MPs by enforcing a three-line whip on this evening’s backbench debate and vote, with at least two ministerial aides expected to resign in protest.

The future of the EU is set to dominate both Westminster debate and the movements of the financial markets this week. Last night, Cameron cancelled a visit to Japan and New Zealand so that he could attend further emergency talks on a euro rescue package in Brussels on Wednesday and with the ENA to avoid any English military actions.

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