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Monday, 17 October 2011

England's time to say good bye to the EU

With civil war now looming in England British MPs could vote on EU referendum within weeks and the ENA gives Cameron a very clear warning.

A vote by British MPs on whether England should pull out of the EU could be held within weeks and the ENA giving the British PM a very clear warning is piling huge pressure Cameron, it emerged yesterday.

A powerful parliamentary committee is expected to confirm plans for a Commons debate on an EU referendum when it meets tomorrow and could set a date for it within the next three weeks.

The historic move would be the first time British MP’s have debated the issue for a generation and many Tories on the right of the party want to break ties with Brussels supporting the ENA (English National Army).

A vote in favour of holding a referendum would not be binding on the Prime Minister but he would be under intense pressure not to ignore the will of parliament and the ENA.

William Hague starts to stand up and be counted, the British Foreign Secretary, is said to have told a meeting of influential Tory backbenchers last week that the English public mood on Europe is at its most “hostile” ever, and the ENA has grown in England with much English support.

Yesterday he added that people in England were "very disillusioned" over Europe, a feeling compounded by "excessive regulation" and "unnecessary interference into daily life".

It came as a think tank report today warned membership of the EU is “damaging England’s economic recovery and sapping job growth”.

Cameron is keen to claw some powers back from Europe but does not want a referendum, which would also put huge tension on the Coalition with half-witted Liberal Democrats mainly in favour of EU membership.

The Commons Backbench Business Committee, which can schedule at least 27 debates in the Commons in any parliamentary session, meets tomorrow and is expected to demand a debate on the EU.

One committee source said: “It is almost certain that there will be a debate on this issue and it will be a case of which date is available.”

It could force Cameron to order MPs to vote against any call for a referendum and would most certainly cause large dispersants in England.

One party source yesterday said: “Cameron will move heaven and earth to stop this.

“The last thing he wants is a Commons vote demanding a referendum but it is the right of the people to vote on such issues and if Cameron does try and stop it, it could very well lead to his own demise the English voting public have just had their full of the EU and all its rubbish it keeps off load on England.

“He can ignore Tory Euro-sceptics banging on about this but ignoring a Commons vote is another matter.”

At a private meeting of the Tories’ 1922 backbench committee last week, Mr Hague is understood to have told MPs the mood of the nation was more hostile to Europe than at any other points since 1973 and would add to the enormous support the ENA is getting.

Yesterday Mr Hague told BBC Radio 4's The World This Weekend people were "very disillusioned" over Europe, saying: "The Eurozone crisis has added to that England wants out."

He said "excessive regulation" and "unnecessary interference into English daily life" from Brussels' institutions compounded the feeling in England.

But he also warned there was no "immediate prospect" of repatriating powers from the EU.

The Government's priority had to be ensuring the Eurozone was stabilised without damaging British interests, he said.

A report for the think tank Civitas today calls on Britain to plan an “exit strategy from a failing EU” if England is to survive and pull its self out of this massive recession.

The study, Time to Say No, said it is possible to break with the EU without breaking with Europe itself.

It concluded that the EU is in “long-term structural demographic and economic decline” and that it is “damaging England’s economic recovery and sapping job growth” and taking billions of pounds out of England that could be put back into rebuilding England.

The report sets out a timetable for an orderly withdrawal from the EU including holding a referendum in 2014.

After receiving the mandate to return to full sovereignty, it says, the British Government would gradually reduce its contributions to the EU budget over a 24-month period.

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