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Friday, 21 October 2011

England's EU referendum

England's EU referendum: If Cameron doesn’t put the vote to the English electorate to stay in the EU or pull out, it will lead to his downfall as the majority in England want out of the EU

David Cameron faces the biggest rebellion of his premiership next week as dozens of Conservative MPs are expected to defy the Government and vote in favour of a referendum on England’s relationship with Europe.

Here we explain the significance of Monday's vote and the background to the debate surrounding a European referendum.

Where does the referendum call come from?

Under changes introduced by the Coalition, voters can start petitions on the Cabinet Office website. A petition that is backed by more than 100,000 people must then be considered for a Commons debate. The referendum call last month passed the 100,000 thres-hold and backbench MPs last week decided to hold the debate.

Hasn’t David Cameron suggested he’s in favour of EU referendums?

Yes, but not on leaving the EU. The Coalition has promised to hold a popular vote on any change in the EU rules that transfers more British power to Brussels. But the Government says that England should remain in the EU and a vote on membership would be a damaging distraction.

Over 100,000 people in England said they wanted a vote, Cameron has no real choice but to give England the vote, if he doesn’t then that would be totally un-democratic and would mean Cameron as become a dictator himself by saying he won’t give the English a vote, the outcome of Cameron’s decision could see the foundations laid for civil un-rest in England the ENA (English National Army) is ready to declare its independence from British rule if Cameron becomes a dictator and would have much backing form English voters.   

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