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Wednesday, 5 January 2011

When will it END VAT,VAT and more VAT, TAX,TAX, and more TAX

England slammed with more taxes to start New Year, so
not so happy unless you happen to be a British MP that is who clime it all back
to tax rises won’t really affect them?

England is being slugged with tax after tax, hikes that is
increasing the price of everything from getting to and from work to clothing but
pay goes down unless you happen to be a British MP it’s a real downbeat start
to a new year that many economists warn could feel rougher than the recent

Half-wit David Cameron the British Prime Minister government
said the rise in so-called value added tax is "tough but necessary"
to bring down the British massive deficit.
But the opposition argues it puts the economic recovery at
risk just as the country is struggling to get back on its feet.
The half-witted Conservative-led coalition government put
VAT up from 17.5 per cent to 20 per cent in a bid to raise an extra 13 billion
pounds for the British coffers this year. The increase spearheads a raft of
painful measures to tackle the runaway deficit, including widespread government
spending cuts on services like disabled welfare, NHS and a rise in the
retirement age.
This British government, that has borrowed over £30 million
pounds and then gave it to the Irish government to help bail it out from its
own mistakes for going into the euro which was never going to work and never
will? This is a government that gives away billions upon billions of English
taxes in foreign aid each year when its England is in debt with English workers
losing homes and jobs, “Cut in their NHS, “Cuts in welfare for their own
disabled, and who’s going to pay for this you the English tax payers with the
VAT and other taxes, while you struggle each week to pay bill and make ends
meet what do you get more taxes, and now with the cost of petrol and diesel now
going over £1.35p per litre which had added an extra average cost to getting to
work has much as £20 pounds a week and it’s still going up?
Unemployment is forecast to soar, house prices to fall
further and inflation will raise a very sour New Year's cocktail for the English
people who have barely had time to celebrate the end of a deep recession a year
ago and now with this government the start of a new and bigger recession, you
have to wonder at this government whose meant to have so called intelligent people
running it (Joke) it would seem that none of them have the understanding of basic
The increase in VAT affects a vast swathe of goods and
services from fuel to mobile phone calls, the Beer & Pub Association said
it will push the average cost of a pint of beer through the 3 pound barrier for
the first time which will end in many pubs now shutting because people just won’t
use them, pubs have never recovered from the smoking ban which saw a massive
drop in people going to pubs, they now buy cheaper beer and spirits from super
makes and sit at home having a beer and a smoke?.
There are very small exemptions to the tax, some foods,
children's clothing and footwear and books. Other goods and services, including
domestic heating fuel, electricity, and children's car seats have VAT applied
at a lower rate but that is still 5% more on bills you’re already finding hard
to pay.
The VAT rise will cost English householders over £850 to £1000
pounds more a year, according to price comparison.
Treasury chief George Osborne said the VAT rise was
"the least damaging way" to tackle the budget deficit, which reached
a record 23.3 billion pounds in November, the latest data available. At that
pace, the deficit could total 155 billion pounds by the end of the financial
year, more than 7 billion pounds above government forecasts.
"I think it is a reasonable rate to set, given the very
difficult situation we find ourselves in," Osborne told BBC radio.
"The VAT rise is a tough but necessary step towards Britain's economic
recovery. If you don't want to raise VAT, you have got to do something
else." (Yes like stopping all foreign aid, would have been better until
such time we have all are own problems sorted out? Rather than keep passing the
buck on to England’s tax payers then VAT could have gone back down to 15% which
would help spending keep job and homes)
England’s retailers have warned the move will likely depress
consumer spending. The Centre for Retail Research estimates that retail sales
will be cut by more than 2.2 billion pounds in the first quarter of 2011 alone
and a survey by the Federation of Small Businesses found that more than
two-thirds of small firms are expecting the rise to damage their businesses or
now go out of business. It will also fuel inflation and put upward pressure on
wage negotiations as the poor will now get much poorer.
All at a time when this half-witted coalition is imposing
public spending cuts of up to 80 billion pounds on the disabled and NHS and
other public services.
Ed Miliband, the leader of the opposition Labour Party, said
the VAT rise was "the wrong tax at the wrong time" and the start of
the coalition's "squeeze" on poor English families.
"They will be more taxing you with higher VAT when you
fill up your car," he said, tapping into England's fears at the start of
campaigning for a special election for a House of Commons district next week
that marks the first major political test of 2011.
"They will be taxing you when you phone home on your
mobile. They will be taxing you higher when you go out and get a cup of coffee,
and when you pick up a DVD for the kids on the way home they will be taxing
The Labour Party estimates the hike will lead to the loss of
250,000 private sector jobs, compared to a loss of 75,000 jobs under the rise
in national insurance payments it preferred.

But Osborne maintained that an alternative like a rise in
national insurance levies, paid by employees and employers on earnings, would
have hit poorer families even harder. ( Is it time that England’s voters voted
in an English government not British an English government that will put the
people of England’s and its tax payers first on the list not last on the list
as now being British is not working for England or its people is it?)

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