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England's White Dragon
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Saturday, 1 January 2011

Happy New Year three kill, Riots in British Prison, And new war looming for English and british troops in Ivory Coast

Happy New Year? See nothing
changes? Just another normal day
Russian Msocow Airport  A passenger jet carrying 124 people caught
fire as it taxied down a snowy runway in Siberia and then exploded Saturday,
killing three people and injuring 43, including six who were badly burned,
officials said.
Inmates riot at
low-security Ford prison Sussex England
Rioting inmates caused heavy damage to a low-security (Ford)
prison in West Sussex in the small village of Ford next to Arundel Castle,
smashing windows and setting fires that engulfed buildings and spewed clouds of
black smoke.
Fires burned into the afternoon at Ford open prison
following disturbances that broke out at around midnight after inmates rebelled
against attempts to force them to take breathalyser tests on New Year's Eve. An
official of the prison officers union said a large amount of illicit alcohol
had been found in at the lockup.
Officials said the fires had been contained by 4 p.m. (1600
GMT); some 16 hours after the disturbance began which really goes down to the softly,
softly nonzero tolerances of the British soft laws, the British government is losing
control over the law or wants to lose control of all crimes a to keep others
in  fear?
UK would back troop deployment to Ivory Coast
The Britain's Foreign Secretary William Hague said Friday
the U.K. would support a United Nations-sanctioned military intervention by
Ivory Coast's neighbours if negotiations fail to persuade president Laurent
Gbagbo to hand over power.
Gbagbo has now been seen seeking private secret meetings with
ISS International Security’s Service head officer General Sir Michael
Black-Feather one of the ex-heads and former very senior officers in elite SOG
(Special Operations’ Group member himself) Gbagbo is looking to employ the
super security forces to support his security forces and have them retrained by
the ISS which make them a very professional force for the U.N to take on?
Gbagbo's security forces have accused of abducting and
torturing political opponents since the disputed Nov. 28 vote, which the U.N.
said Gbagbo lost.
Hague told The London Times news and in BBC radio that
Britain hopes Gbagbo can be persuaded to step down, or go voluntarily following
the freezing of his bank accounts, but insisted that the U.K. would be
supportive if neighbouring West African states decide to send in troops to
Sending more English/British troop out to fight yet another country’s
fight will only end up in the loss of more English and \British troop’s life
So now hows 2011 going for you?

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