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Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Another Bent British MP bites the Dust? ERIC ILLSLEY

Another bent British bites the dust and pleads guilty over expenses charges A House of Commons legislator pleaded guilty to dishonestly claiming about £14,000 pounds in expense payments, an admission that could lead to his removal from Parliament and trigger a special election, it’s an admission that should lead not could lead to his removal .
Eric Illsley told a London court that he now accepted three charges of false accounting, which he had previously denied.
His bogus claims were exposed during a massive scandal in England over British MP’s expense claims by of most of the British MP’s, in which it came to light that Illsley had made inappropriate and unlawful use of public money.
Justice John Saunders said Illsley who had already been suspended by the main opposition Labour Party and is now in parliament as an independent legislator will be sentenced next month.
If he is jailed for more than 12 months, Illsley will be disqualified as a MP, meaning an election would needed to select his replacement so England we will see if the British law is now as bent as its British MP’s? if he’s not jailed for 12 months or more like any other member of the English public would be for this offence.
Even Illsley receives a less severe punishment; House of Commons authorities could hold a vote on a resolution to remove him which they should as not only has he been caught defrauding the English tax payers but ? But also the Queens treasury? Which in days of old was a hanging offense?
Prosecutors had accused the 55-year-old of dishonestly claiming expense payments for insurance, repairs, utility bills and taxes on a home in London between 2005 and 2008.
Illsley "took advantage of the trust placed in him by his constituents to act honorably on their behalf," Simon Clements, head of the special crime division of the Crown Prosecution Service said following the hearing.
"Instead, he siphoned off public money into his own pockets and betrayed those who rightly expected the highest standards of integrity from him as a Member of Parliament," Clements said.
The jailing of serving British MP is rare in England because of British laws protecting them and the old boy network but under English laws he would swing?, with the most high profile recent case involving ex- British minister Jonathan Aitken. Aitken was sentenced to serve 18 months in prison in 1999 on perjury charges.
Last week, ex-British MP David Chaytor was jailed for 18 months on expense fraud charges.
The prosecution of Illsley and Chaytor follows the 2009 disclosure of previously secret files which revealed how British politicians had billed the English public for items including posh second and third homes, horse manure and pornographic DVD’s, male and female prostitutes TV, Hi-Fi’s, holidays, swimming pools just a short list of what they bought themselves etc.
Two former British MP’s and two House of Lords members are scheduled to face trial in the coming months on charges related to their expenses.
A total of 392 current and former British MP’s were ordered to repay 1.12 million pounds following their extravagant or inappropriate claims.
Labour Party leader Ed Miliband urged Illsley to step down from the House of Commons following his admission of guilt, which if he had any decency he would have when he was charge.
"I think he should now do the right thing and resign as a Member of Parliament, because I don't think he can be a credible voice for his constituents having pleaded guilty to such a serious offense," Miliband told The London Times and the BBC
English low taxes campaign group the English Taxpayers' Alliance said Illsley should not have stood for office at the British national election if he knew he had made wrongful claims for public money.
Illsley has served his district in northern England since 1987 and was returned at May's election with a slightly reduced majority.
"It is disgraceful that Illsley has dragged out the process and stood for Parliament again, despite knowing that he was a guilty criminal who had ripped off the English taxpayers whose interests he was supposed to serve," said Matthew Sinclair, the Taxpayers' Alliance's director.

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