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Thursday, 6 January 2011

British MP's complain over expenses rules

British MP’s the so called lawmakers now complain over tougher expenses rules

British MP’s caught out in the country's expense check scandal say new reimbursement rules are too stringent.

British MP’s legislators have a nerve to complain that procedures introduced by the new English Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority are overly bureaucratic.

A total of 392 current and former British MP’s were ordered to repay over £1.12 million pounds that they had thieved from English tax payers following the 2009 scandal.

Previously secret expense files showed British MP’s had billed the English public tax payers for items including swank second and third homes, a mole catcher, pornographic movies, call girls and boys to satisfy their perversities, TV’s, swimming pools, garden patio sets, the list was endless.

Liberal Democrat Bob Russell, who was made to pay back £4,500 pounds he had stolen off English tax payers, said the new regime should be scrapped. (Yes because you’ve been caught with your hands in the cookie jar and you don’t like it)

IPSA says it will consult with “British lawmakers MP’s to make changes to the new expense claim procedures so they can all go back on the fiddle to pay for all the new tax rises and VAT rise and fuel increases rather than having to pay them like the English do?.

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