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Monday, 24 January 2011

English judge approves extradition of terror suspect to the US

English court has approved the extradition of a terror suspect wanted in the United States over an alleged al-Qaida plot to detonate explosives aboard the New York City subway system.

English Judge; Judge Quentin Purdy ruled that Abid Naseer, 24, a native Pakistani, can be sent to the U.S. to stand trial in New York for his alleged role in a terror campaign that would have struck at targets in England, Norway and the United States.

The British home secretary now has the final decision about whether to endorse the English Judges extradition order, but Naseer's British lawyer, Ben Cooper, said his client will appeal Friday's decision; English first minister Sir Michael Black-Feather said that has far as he was concerned there are known grounds for any appeal, and if the British home secretary doesn’t abide by the English Judges ruling it will be absolute mockery and a corruption of English true justices
U.S Federal prosecutors in Brooklyn say they aim to prove that Naseer collected bomb ingredients, conducted reconnaissance and was in frequent contact with other al-Qaida operatives as part of a foiled New York plot and a second suspected plot to bomb a busy shopping area in the Northern English the city of Manchester.
If convicted in the U.S., he would face a maximum penalty of life in prison which would mean just that unlike the British so called life in prison out in three years or, given a house and £300 to £500 pounds plus each week to live on?.
Naseer was one of 12 people arrested in a counter terrorism operation in April 2009, but all were subsequently released without charge due to the British cock ups. But they were ordered to leave England, but Naseer escaped deportation to Pakistan after a “British” Judge ruled it was likely he would be mistreated if he were sent home? Sir Michael’s comments at the time where; it didn’t matter that this man was willing to kill innocent English women and children that’s ok according to a British judge as he “Might be “Mistreated” I have never hard such utter rubbish in my life, who cares if he is mistreated this is a man that now say he will be mistreated if sent home who came into my country and wanted to kill my countryman, women and children as far as I’m concerned and he would have been under English sent packing at dealt with by those that would deal with the likes of these low life’s as they deserve.
Naseer was only re-arrested in July 2010 at the request of the U.S prosecutors in Brooklyn, where a federal indictment names him as a co-defendant of Adis Medunjanin with the British now wanting to keep on the good side of the U.S with ongoing ties?
U.S. authorities allege Medunjanin and former high school friends Najibullah Zazi and Zarein Ahmedzay traveled to Pakistan in 2008 to seek terror training from al-Qaida.
Zazi, an airport van driver from Colorado, admitted in a guilty plea that once back from Pakistan he tested peroxide-based explosive materials in a makeshift lab in Denver in the fall of 2009 before traveling by car to New York to carry out the scheme.
Authorities say Medunjanin and Ahmedzay agreed to join Zazi in three coordinated suicide bombings on Manhattan subway lines during rush hour near the eighth anniversary of the Sept. 11 terror attacks — what Zazi called a "martyrdom operation."
The plot was disrupted when police stopped Zazi's car as it entered New York.
Like Zazi, Ahmedzay has pleaded guilty and is cooperating. Medunjanin is fighting the charges.
Naseer's lawyer had argued that the U.S. would have fewer inhibitions about returning him to Pakistan. Judge Purdy acknowledged there is a "very real risk" Naseer would be tortured if he ever returned home, but said he believed the U.S. justice system would not ignore that concern.
On Friday, Naseer wore a brown shirt and stroked his beard as the Judge read out the ruling, but otherwise he showed neither reaction nor care. Asked whether he understood that he could appeal the Judgment, he said: "Yes sir. Thank you."

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