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England's White Dragon
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Thursday, 13 January 2011

Afghanistan-Northern Ireland 1968 2011

Northern Ireland 1968 British troops went in and on-going still in 2011 and Afghanistan will be the same despite the British government promise to bring the boys home, this was once the same story they had said about NI yet in 2011 British troops are still out there over 40 years?

Anti-Catholic militants blamed for two Ulster bombs in Belfast, The RUC Police say anti-Catholic extremists are suspected of planting two pipe bombs at a community centre and a Gaelic sports club northwest of Belfast.

The RUC Police Service of Northern Ireland says British army experts safely defused both homemade devices on Sunday. They were planted at a community centre frequented by Catholics in the predominantly Protestant town of Ballymena and at a sports club in the nearby village of Portglenone.

A third suspected pipe bomb at a Catholic primary school near Ballymena was declared a hoax.
The Irish Catholic minority living in Ballymena has suffered recurring sectarian threats by extremists within the British Protestant majority. Such intimidation continues despite a so called official cease-fire? And so called disarmament by the outlawed Protestant gang which actually means nothing the true British colour of words just another bunch of mindless fanatical nut cases using so called religious beliefs to commit murders what is wrong with these idiotism.

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