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Thursday, 6 January 2011

Tony Blair still making millions £$ from other peoples miseries

Tony Blair the dogmatist hypocrite, a man that helped start two wars one which we are still in and will be it seems forever, then did a bunk leaving his mess behind him after he and his wife made millions of pounds off the backs of English tax payers and he still making millions from his wars, this man has shown that he cannot be trusted and now has the Gaul to get himself involved in peace talks and make cash out of it.

We are all fully aware if substantial talks don't begin soon between Israel and the Palestinians, with all parties there will be "profound trouble," Blair now going under the name of Middle East Quartet's special representative he’s telling us something which we all know far too well, if you want peace in Israel and Palestine then keep Blair well away.

Blair the former disgrace of a British prime minister is in the region meeting with Israeli and Palestinian leaders, in his role as the Quartet representative. The United States, United Nations, Russia and the European Union make up the group.

Blair said there was a "huge amount of work" going on behind the scenes to revive direct negotiations between the two sides. Talks broke down in September over the issue of continued Israeli settlement building in the occupied West Bank. He acknowledged that the level of trust between the two sides was low, but said it was still possible to "get the thing back together again."

In December, the Obama administration announced it was abandoning efforts to persuade Israel to renew a partial settlement freeze as a pre-condition for jump-starting the talks, and said it would focus instead on separate talks with each side in an effort to reach some sort of framework peace agreement.

Meanwhile, the Palestinian Authority has initiated a campaign to gain international recognition of a Palestinian state based on border lines that existed prior to the 1967 war between Israel and its Arab neighbours. Palestinians are also campaigning for a resolution from the U.N. Security Council condemning Israel's continued settlement building. Both the Israeli and American governments have opposed such moves, insisting that the only way forward is through continued negotiations.

Blair said that while such a strategy could exert a measure of pressure on Israel, "the trouble with unilateral moves is that they are never as effective as agreed moves this coming from the man who helped start two wars a man that most of us know cannot be trusted."

Tony Blair’s other little going on none stop, The United States plans to send more than 1,500 Marines to Afghanistan very soon, a U.S. military official told The London Times.

The Marines will support the expansion of security efforts in southern Afghanistan, and they will be on the ground for only a few months, the official said, seems as if we have heard this before (Only a few months) over 12 years later on, troops are still there?

"We intend to keep the pressure on the Taliban throughout the winter and take advantage of the security gains already achieved," the official said.

The Marines are headed to the Kandahar and Helmand provinces in the south, which have long been major fronts in the war against the Taliban.

A Pentagon spokeswoman told the London Times there are over 97,000 U.S. service members deployed in Afghanistan. e about 21,500 Marines in the country at present.

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