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Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Cameron I no Nothing

                                         I NO NOTHING?
Cameron only now jumps on the band-wagon ‘open’ Iraq inquiry

British Prime Minister David Cameron said this Wednesday that British MP’s are now unhappy about the decisions to withhold the Iraq war related documents from the English public.
The documents are notes between Blair and former U.S. President George W. Bush made during the run-up to the Iraq war. A British top civil servant has ruled that the documents cannot be declassified even though the head of the public inquiry into the Iraq war wants them made public.
Cameron told the British Parliament that it would be improper for a sitting prime minister to get involved in the decision to release a predecessor's papers but he called for the Iraq Inquiry to be as open and comprehensive as possible which just a load of old tat with Cameron covering himself just in case of a back fire? We all fully aware here in England that the war was about cash and oil and had nothing what’s so ever to do with any such thing as weapons of mass destruction.
Blair was due to testify before the Iraq Inquiry on Friday but as you normal Blair has once more wiggles out of it.
The inquiry has released evidence from Blair's then private secretary, Matthew Rycroft, who said that Blair's private letters to Bush on Iraq were considered so sensitive that he had to remove reference to them from the official record (Cover up).
Rycroft said that on several occasions he prepared twin accounts of phone conversations between Blair and Bush to leave out any reference to the letters in the version of minutes he prepared for general governmental circulation (More cover up’s).

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