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Sunday, 30 January 2011

The British Gov not only supports corruption but also with its support? it supports child abuse

                                         Three of the Perverts buying and selling
The British government is well known for its own corruptions, a meant to be a Christen government, has stood by watching the corruption’s in Afghanistan and knowing of the perverted ways of child abuse that goes on there and still supports it’s government WHY,  

When told about the perverted ways going on in Afghanistan; English, British and US soldiers are sickened when they find out just what’s been going on there, and say it’s not what they signed up for protecting F,,king perverts they all need F..king slotting.

The Dancing Boys of Afghanistan, a show that aired in PBS and reported by the London Times recently, explored the horrific tradition of the Bache  bazi, or the ‘boys play’ when it is translated from Urdu.

The show explored the horrors faced by the boys involved in one of the most dirtiest of businesses in the country, in which young boys, some as young as 6, are sold for sex and entertainment of the rich and the powerful in a most pervert and corrupted disgusting country.

Of course all the customers are all men. What comes across as most horrific is the fact that the business, which directly feeds of the heinous practice of paedophilia and child prostitution, thrives in the country which the British are very well aware of.

As was mentioned in the show, the children in bacha bazi are bought by powerful politicians, wealthy businessmen and former warlords, from poverty stricken families. Often, they are also destitute and orphans, who are picked up from the streets.

The most horrific part of the bargain was told by one of the boys present in the show, about 16 years old at present. He had been abused as a child aged 7, and was turned out by his family who blamed him for the incident. Having no other option, he went back to his abuser, and now lives with another man who has taught him to sing and dance.
The story is the same for many others involved in the disgusting perverted practice of bacha bazi. The children are taught to sing and dance, and are then bought by those who can afford to pay their master. Then, they are sold all over again, and the cycle continues to the normal mind you just cannot comprehend it.


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