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Thursday, 24 March 2011

US President a lot wiser man

US President a lot wiser man, than half-witted William Hague

President Obama has warned Libya's Colonel Gaddafi may
“hunker down” for a long drawn-out war which is exactly what Sir Michael
Black-Feather the English first minister had said early last week.

Fears are growing of “another Iraq” as the evil Libyan
tyrant stands firm in the face of relentless Allied attacks and the US wants
none of it.

Sir Michael said that the ravaged country will split into
two, with the rebels in the east and Gaddafi holding the west, that’s is the
way it is heading right at this moment, but Gaddafi has more fire power and can
keep on pushing, its going to be a long war and England doesn’t want that, even
if the British do, further more England and its people will not stand for a
third long term war or any war and English armies might be reformed to this
British madness.

Barack Obama said: “Gaddafi may try to hunker down and wait
it out even in the face of the no-fly zone, even though his forces have been

“We don’t just have military tools at our disposal in terms
of accomplishing his leaving. We’ve put in place strong international
sanctions. We’ve frozen his assets. We will continue to apply a whole range of
pressure on him.”

Half-wit William Hague fuelled fears of a costly war by
claiming it was impossible to say how long the British might stay involved.

He said: “I don’t think you can put a deadline or a time
objective to that. We need to do those things as long as it is necessary.
(Another Tony Blair)

“That will depend on how people react in Libya, the reaction
of the Gaddafi regime, on many factors.”

Gaddafi dashed talk he is looking for a “way out” with
another rant on state TV in which he told the world: “I’m staying in my tent.”

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