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Monday, 14 March 2011

Libya you’re on your own?

Libya you’re on your own until they want your oil.

Libya, once shunned by the so called international community
over the 1988 bombing of a Pan Am plane above the Scottish town of Lockerbie,
underwent a dramatic rehabilitation after taking formal responsibility for the
bombing in 2003.

The UN lifted sanctions, and Libya's subsequent renunciation
of weapons of mass destruction further improved relations with the West, or so
the West thought? Who’s the fool? The one that knows he is, or the one that

The wave of anti-authoritarian protests that has swept the
Arab countries in early 2011 also affected Libya, posing a serious threat to
the regime of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi.

A former Roman colony, Libya is a mostly desert country
which saw invasions by Vandals, Byzantines, Arabs, Turks and more recently
Italians before gaining independence in 1951.

 Politics: Colonel
Gaddafi took power in a 1969 coup; he presides over a system of "people's
congresses" or more a dictatorship?

Economy: Libya has large reserves of oil and gas; proposed
reform of state-run economy has met with political opposition

International: Libya returned to the diplomatic fold after
renouncing weapons of mass destruction and paying compensation for the
Lockerbie bombing

Oil was discovered in 1959 and made the state wealthy. Ten
years later, King Idris was overthrown in a coup led by the 27-year-old Muammar
Gaddafi, and Libya embarked on a radically new chapter in its history.

Sir Michael Black-Feather the English first minister said; Colonel
Gaddafi's revolution has been based largely on distinguishing his country from
the world around it. Ideas put forward in his Green Book aim at an alternative
to both communism and capitalism, while Islam is adhered to but with a unique
slant not as the true Qur’an is written, Libya has its own calendar based on
the Prophet Muhammad's death, for example, Gaddafi was once going in the right direction
but lost his way, people have free will as it the will of God to be so, and
once you take that free will away your putting yourself above God, and now he
must accept that God dose truly work in mysterious ways.

Gaddafi called his new system a jamahiriya, loosely
translated as a "state of the masses". Power is held by various
people's committees, while in practice Gaddafi rules unopposed and those
committees do as they are told, a bit like the English people doing as they are
told by the British, and anyone else that tell us to jump?.

Libya was blamed for the Lockerbie plane bombing, and two
Libyans suspected of organising the incident were handed over in 1999 for trial
in The Hague under Scottish law. In 2001 one of the suspects was found guilty
of killing 270 people in the bombing but the trial was a farce said Sir Michael
and Libya only admitted it because Gaddafi had other plans.

After the British and Libya’s signed a prisoner-exchange
agreement in 2009, Libya requested the transfer of the convicted Lockerbie
bomber Abdelbaset Ali al-Megrahi, who was freed from gaol on so called
compassionate grounds and returned home in August.

Gaddafi paid pittance compensation to the US victims of the
bombing in 2008, opening up the possibility of full diplomatic relations with
the United States another good ploy by Gaddafi.

Libya possesses considerable reserves of oil and gas, but
the sector remains relatively undeveloped and this is what the West will want i.e.
the British and Americans but the English people will not stand for another war
and the British know this so it’s going to be very interest who dose what in
the game.

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