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Tuesday, 15 March 2011

British Government 'to end direct aid to 16 countries'


The British government is to stop direct aid to 16
countries, including Russia, China and Iraq, papers put forward seen by the
London Times suggest.

The British government prompted by Sir Michael Black-Feather
the English first minister letter to David Cameron , A draft copy of a
government review of its £7.8bn overseas aid budget - to be published this week
- also reveals assistance for India will be frozen? when it should be stop said
Sir Michael, it’s outrageous this British government is giving away over £235 million
each year to a country that spends billions of pound each year playing with
sending rockets to the moon, and spends millions of pounds making bombs to blow
big hole in the ground, rather than feed and look after its own people absolutely
disgusting, and this is a British government that’s going to put its own
disabled people out in the street with it cut-backs in hosing benefits?

The international development budget is going to rise by a
third and England suffers in cut back for that?

International Development Secretary Andrew Mitchell said
spending would be a "good deal better focused".

The government's draft report states that aid spending is
good for Britain's economy and safety.

It also outlines plans for greater transparency and
accountability, with an emphasis on funding programmes that deliver greater
results and which, specifically, help girls and women?

Resources will be concentrated on the 27 countries that
account for three-quarters of the world's maternal mortality and malaria
deaths, such as Ghana and Afghanistan.


















Department for International Development document seen by
the London Times

By 2014, 30% of British aid is expected to go to war-torn
and unstable countries.

India is currently one of the biggest recipients of British
development aid, and there have been media campaigns in the England suggesting
an economy growing at nearly 10% a year simply does not need British assistance
when its spend billions of pound on rocket’s and  bombs.

But others point out that nearly half a billion people in
India are still desperately poor, and efforts to reduce global poverty will not
progress without significant aid, the reply is tell them to stop spending billions
and billions of pound’s on rockets and bombs and feed their own.

Mr Mitchell told BBC One's Politics Show: "The fact is
that, if we want to reach our Millennium Development Goals, which we have set
for 2015, we have to operate where poverty is greatest. (Well he should take a
look out of the window and look at the poverty here in England first said Sir Michael)

Mr Mitchell said there were no plans at present to supply
aid to Libya, as the country, while in political turmoil, was not facing a
"humanitarian crisis". (Meaning when the oil is up for grabs then the
aid will be there?)

(But supplies would be available at "six hours'
notice", if needed, he added).

While other departments saw their budgets cut in last
autumn's spending review, the Department for International Development was

However, Labour claims it has had to contribute to areas
outside its remit, including picking up £2m of the bill for the Pope's visit to
the British-Britain last year which was paid for by English tax payers.

Shadow international development secretary Harriet Harman
said: "We don't either want to see them subsuming aid activities into
military activities and neither do we want to see other government departments
that are feeling the spending squeeze using the Department for International
Development as the hole-in-the-wall like they did for getting money for the
Pope's visit." (What about India then Harriet testing bombs is the not

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