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Friday, 11 March 2011

Cameron now says the EU must show unity over Libya

Saying Libyan leader Col Muammar Gaddafi must go, Cameron said
in Brussels. (Not what the British government or those in the EU where saying
before civil war broke out?)

Arriving for an emergency EU summit, Cameron said he
expected it to step up measures to isolate the Gaddafi regime.

The British and French are trying to build support for a UN
resolution to authorise a no-fly zone in Libya.

Meanwhile forces loyal to Col Gaddafi are reported to have
made gains against rebels in Zawiya and Ras Lanuf.

A special meeting of the European Council has been called in
Brussels to discuss the crisis as pro-Gaddafi forces wrest back control of
territory previously held by the opposition following a major military

The British have accused the Gaddafi regime of "waging
war against their own people", using aircraft and helicopters to mount

Arriving at the summit British Prime Minister David Cameron
said: "I think it's important that the countries of Europe show political
will, show ambition, show unity in being clear that Colonel Gaddafi must go and
that his regime is illegitimate that what it is doing to his people is
completely unacceptable. (The British government have been doing it to the
English for years and know one seem to bother about that)

"We are going to step up today, in the European Council,
measures to isolate that regime and measures to put pressure on that regime and
we should plan for every eventuality as I've been arguing now for around two
weeks, this is absolutely vital work."

It is clear to us that the regime has lost any legitimacy it
may have once had”

David Cameron and Nicolas Sarkozy

He also said it was the moment for Europe to show real
ambition about the "democratic awakening" in North Africa - to offer
new partnerships, open up markets and welcome greater democracy and freedoms:
"This is a potentially good moment for our world and we should grab it,
seize it and shape it." (Yes just what England needs its it, another war? Cameron
just hasn’t a clue, about the can of worms he’s going to open if he gets involved
in more conflicts)

The British and French are trying to build support for a UN
resolution to authorise a no-fly zone in Libya, which they say is an absolute
prerequisite for such action, alongside the support of the international
community - particularly the Arab world - and a "demonstrable" case
for intervention.

"We support continued planning to be ready to provide support
for all possible contingencies as the situation evolves," Cameron and
French President Nicolas Sarkozy wrote in a letter to the president of the
European Council. "This could include a no-fly zone or other options
against air attacks."

President of the European Council Herman Van Rompuy opened
the meeting by saying EU leaders had to "take some urgent concrete
decisions and to set the direction of our response".

The summit is considering a draft declaration insisting Col
Gaddafi "relinquish power immediately" which says Libya should
"rapidly embark on an orderly transition to democracy".

In a question-and-answer session with students ahead of the
Liberal Democrat spring conference in Sheffield, Lib-Dem leader Nick Clegg said
Col Gaddafi was a "complete tyrant" but the international community
must work together on whether there should be a no-fly zone.( Maybe Clegg
should take a good look in his own back garden first when naming names as

He added: "If Col Gaddafi were to continue to brutalise
and go to war with his own people and create a monstrous humanitarian crisis -
I think it would be very, very difficult and I would argue wrong, for the
international community to simply turn its back."

NATO defence ministers said further planning was needed on
how to initiate and enforce any potential air exclusion zone in Libya and that
this could only happen with a "clear mandate" from the UN - likely to
need US, Chinese and Russian support.

Cameron and Mr Sarkozy called again for an immediate stop to
government attacks on civilians and said members of the regime would be held
accountable for their actions.

"The world is witnessing on a daily basis an
unacceptable continuation of violence and repression in Libya," they
added. "It is clear to us that the regime has lost any legitimacy it may
have once had.

"To stop further suffering of the Libyan people,
Muammar Gaddafi and his clique should leave."

The two men also called for strict enforcement of the arms
embargo against Libya and for the UN to closely monitor the humanitarian
situation in the country.

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