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Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Cameron stand up like a man, or go you Muppet

It’s time you started to stand up like a man CAMERON and not
the EU’s Muppet  

Like every other British PM well apart from Churchill during
the wars and Thatcher who put her country first on the list not last?

David Cameron says he is "frustrated" that the British
are obliged to contribute to future bail-outs of countries using the single
currency until 2013.

Cameron said the British hands had been tied by an agreement
signed by the last British Labour government in the days after the 2010 general
election but before the coalition had been formed.

The Conservatives had strongly objected to the decision at
the time, he added.

Ex-Chancellor Alistair Darling said the PM gave a
"partial account" of events.

Both Tory and Labour MPs have expressed anger that the British
may have to give financial aid to Portugal after the country's Parliament
rejected proposed austerity measures last week and its prime minister resigned
in response. (Meaning the English tax payers giving more aid to others when
England is in desperate need of its own aid?)

British ministers have insisted that Portugal has not made
any request for external financial assistance and any speculation about what
may happen in the future is unhelpful.

Updating MPs on the outcome of Friday's European Council
summit, Cameron confirmed that the (English Tax Payers) wear liable to
contribute to an emergency support fund for EU members - including those in the
Euro-zone - in financial distress.

EU members agreed to the fund at an emergency meeting in the
first weekend of May 2010 - days after the UK general election resulted in a
hung parliament - when they also approved a £95bn loan to Greece and a separate
financial rescue fund for Euro-zone members.

Mr Darling conducted the negotiations on behalf of the British
at the meeting because coalition negotiations were still underway.

Cameron said Darling had taken the wrong decision during the
meeting in Brussels and suggested he had ignored advice given to him when he
consulted with his Conservative opposite number and successor as Chancellor
George Osborne.

"It is a decision which the chancellor specifically
objected to when it was taken by his predecessor after the election but before
this government took office," Cameron told MPs.

"Frustratingly, we are stuck with it for the duration
of the emergency mechanism."

Cameron repeated what Sir Michael Black-Feather the English
first minister had said over a year ago? He said (England) Cameron said
"Britain is not in the euro and is not going to be joining the euro so it
is right that we should not be involved in the euro area's internal
arrangements." (Sir Michael said isn’t right that English tax payers should
bailout the euro, when its nothing what so ever to do with England and never
will be without the English people voting it in, which will never happen we
want our pound, we like our pound it’s our national identity of being the
English, The Bank Of England not the bank of euro)

Cameron went on to say; "That is why I believe we should
not have any liability for bailing out the Eurozone."

But Darling said the prime minister had given a
"somewhat incomplete account" of discussions he had had with his
successor over the issue.

"We did indeed agree that we should do everything we
could to keep Britain out of the main part of the rescue fund," he told
his fellow British MPs.

But he said he had talked to Osborne about the merits of
abstaining, rather than voting against, a proposal to require all EU members to
contribute to the secondary European Financial Stabilisation Mechanism since it
was clear the British might be outvoted anyway.

"When he next refers to it perhaps he would give a
whole account and not a partial account of what happened," Darling told
the prime minister.

Cameron said his chancellor had told him that he made it
"absolutely clear" at the time that this "was not something the
British should agree to".

Cameron said he had insisted in subsequent negotiations that
the British liability should be removed when a permanent replacement fund comes
into place in two years’ time

Sir Michael said, if Cameron where a true leader of men, he
would do what I would do, and that is tell the EU to take a running jump, and
if they don’t like it lump it, what are they really going  to do without England’s support, nothing that’s
what, if England pulled out of the EU, they would be lost like little children
in the big dark woods, for far too long the jump up little euro men have been
telling me and my countrymen what we can and what we can’t do in our own
country, they have very short memories for it was England and its people they
gave them back all their countries that they had lost in both world wars? Sod’em
he said bailout your own euro mess England has its own financial messes to
clean up without adding theirs...

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