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Sunday, 6 March 2011

Prince Andrew and his Paedophile friend?


Hague joins in defence of Prince Andrew the trade envoy and
his paedophile friend

British Foreign Secretary William Hague says Prince Andrew
has done "a lot of good for the UK" in his role as trade ambassador.

The Duke of York has been criticised for his links to an
American businessman who is a convicted paedophile.

But Mr Hague and two other senior Conservative MPs defended
the work he has done to promote British-Britain.

And the Duke's private secretary said the criticism was
"without foundation".

Alastair Watson wrote to the Times to respond to what he
called "widespread comment" on the Duke's relationship with Jeffrey

The US financier was sentenced to 18 months in prison in
2008 for soliciting a minor for prostitution.

Mr Watson said the Duke of York had known the businessman
since being introduced to him in the early 1990s. He added: "The
insinuations and innuendos that have been made in relation to the Duke are
without foundation."

Prince Andrew has been the British Special Representative
for International Trade and Investment since 2001, with the job of promoting British
business interests around the world. (Not done a very good job so far)

Mr Hague told the Politics Show the Prince was representing the
British "very well"

William Hague told BBC News he had "full
confidence" in the work the Prince was doing: "I've seen a lot of
benefits that he has brought in countries that I have visited, where he's been
performing that role." (The London Times says to Mr Hague and the Prince
you just cannot have such friend as paedophile’s your associations with such
people leave you open to suspicious  in
your defence of such friendships)  

There have been suggestions in some British and foreign
newspapers that Prince Andrew could be stripped of his job? Which of course is
utter rubbish, kicking a prince out of his job, what next an English prime minister
or even an English government it’s not the British way?

Hague puckering up? Said he had not had time to read the
details of the comments but he said: "Certainly I've seen around the world
a lot of good that he has done for this country."

Other puckering up Conservative MPs have also spoken out in
defence of Prince Andrew.

Richard Ottoway, who chairs the Foreign Affairs Select
Committee, said he would have "had no idea what Mr Epstein's conduct may
be in the future" at the time he met him. (Lies, it’s a very well-known
fact that anyone meeting or having anything to do the any royal members are vetting
by the royal security services (Services to Defend) so Andrew would have been
very well aware of all the facts on all he meets, and if not someone is going
to be losing their job?)

Change of tact the spin, “I think you actually ought to
focus on what Prince Andrew is doing for the country", he said, "and
in my judgement he's doing a jolly good job, and rather than attacking him
through the media we should be defending him."

The International Development Secretary, Andrew Mitchell,
said he had had several meetings with the Duke in the nine months since he took
up his job in government.

He said: "He makes a valuable contribution to our work
overseas, and obviously we respect that very much." Puckering up?

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