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Thursday, 17 March 2011

Death and Taxes the one thing you can count on in England

36.26 litres = £50,
that’s now over 14 litres short from the same time last year? The British
Government is living in Narnia, when the cost of Diesel is at £1.43 per litre
in Southern England

MPs reject Labour call to reverse fuel VAT increase; Labour
says the UK can gain European Union permission for a VAT cut on fuel Continue
reading the main story

Cut car fuel VAT now, says Balls and Black-Feather

Sir Michael Black-Feather the English first minister said;
the questions we here in England should now be asking ourselves? Is what the
hell has it got to do with the EU if we in our own country want to cut the cost
of fuel to help England get back on the move, its only pure greed of this
government and oil companies that cost of fuel is so high, when the true fact
is the oil is now cheaper to buy? I have written several letters and asked for
meeting with the British prime minister Cameron who’s deaf, giving him
away/answer how to cut 40p of the fuel duty tax and also asked to cap fuel at
the pump to £1 per litre which could be done, but it’s your typical British
greed’s the fuel the cost of fuel so to speak, and as long as the England stand
for it the higher the price will go ££££££££££££?  Wake up England and stand up he said.

Osborne renews fuel duty cut hint

MPs have rejected a Labour bid to get the government to
reverse the VAT rise on petrol.

Shadow chancellor Ed Balls said Britain could apply to the
EU for a specific cut on fuel VAT - but the government says it would be illegal
under EU law.

Ministers have hinted they will instead scrap a planned rise
in fuel duty of 1p a litre above inflation in next week's Budget.

MPs rejected the Labour motion by 301 votes to 236 - a
majority of 65.

With petrol costing more than £1.40 a litre, many motorists
have complained that they are being priced off the road.

Mr Balls said: "At a time when world oil prices are
going up, the Tory VAT rise is making things worse.

"It is putting an extra £1.35 on the cost of filling up
a 50-litre tank and adding to the growing cost of living for families on low
and middle incomes. George Osborne needs to stop dithering and take immediate
action to help hard-pressed motorists."

50 litres is already costing £71.45p, last year it was
costing £50 which a rise within 10 months of over £21pw for most drivers, an
extra £252 per year? Is all well and good enough for British MP’s that clam all
their fuel back? English drivers are unfunded'

Shadow Treasury minister Angela Eagle wrote to Lib Dem MPs,
asking for their support. People are getting increasingly desperate for some
relief from this Conservative government” they’re not wining any votes

Sir Michael said; "People in England are already
financially stretched by this government's slash-and-burn approach now find
themselves having to cope with a sudden, sharp increase in the price of
essentials like food, energy and fuel its just not on when I have given Cameron
away around any rise in fuel and in fact a way to cut duty by over 40p per litre
but here seems determined to tax the English out of life its self."

"The cost of fuel has risen over seven pence a litre
since the beginning of the year," said Sir Michael it has to stop.

“The English people are getting increasingly desperate for
some relief from this Conservative government cut and tax cut and tax”

But Economic Secretary to the Treasury Justine Greening told
MPs that shadow chancellor Ed Balls was "quite wrong to say that we can
reverse the VAT rise on fuel because doing so would be illegal" under the
EU VAT directive.

Mr Balls said Italy, France and Poland had reduced rates of
VAT on various goods and services and argued that Britain could apply for derogation
now. (Sod the EU the sooner we get out of the EU the better off England will be
England is an Island not joined at the hip with the EU like other countries so let’s
get out before they put England on the scrap heap)

The European Union prohibits member states from having more
than three VAT rates. The British already has 0%, 5% and 20% rates, meaning
that bringing in a separate 17.5% rate for fuel would break the rules.(Dose
anyone in England care what the EU thinks NO?)

However, Mr Balls argues that it is possible to gain
permission from the EU for a specific cut on fuel VAT.

At Prime Minister's Questions two weeks ago, David Cameron
said: "I know how tough it is for motorists, particularly for small
businesses and families, when they are filling up at the pumps and it's over
£1.30 a litre. (Wake up Cameron it’s now over £1.42 a litre in the South of

"We will look at the fact that extra revenue comes to
the Treasury when there's a higher oil price and see if we can share some of
that benefit with the motorist."

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