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England's White Dragon
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Tuesday, 1 March 2011

MOD; you served your country and now we don’t want you

MOD sets out first redundancies RAF Tornado squadrons at Lossiemouth and Marham will be disbanded

The Ministry of Defence says the first wave of redundancies in the armed forces will be made in September.

The MOD must make 11,000 job cuts and the RAF is the first service to set out where its share of 2,700 will be made as the government needs to keep funding India with its £295 million each year so more English jobs to go.

Those on operations in Afghanistan in September will be exempt, but troops due back in April could lose their jobs and homes, it has been announced what a nice welcome home and very British.

The government says the cuts are necessary, but Labour says the handling of the news has been amateurish.

The RAF has identified the areas in which it will shed posts, including student pilots, weapons operators and ground staff.

Two Tornado squadrons will be disbanded - one based at Lossiemouth in Moray and the other at Marham.

Speaking at a Downing Street news conference, Mr Cameron said "incredibly difficult" decisions had to be made after the coalition had inherited a defence budget that had been overspent but we will still spend £295 million keeping India’s nuke and rocket programme going.

He added that, at the end of the cuts process, the British would still have the fourth largest defence budget in the world, but its doesn’t matter about morals or the fact they have served their country or they will be without homes and on the dole?

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