England's White Dragon

England's White Dragon
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Wednesday, 2 February 2011

William of England & Katie

Prince William his title is, Prince William of “England” not Prince William Britain for those that didn’t know that?

The Prince is expected to wear military uniform for his royal wedding? And talk about being overshadowed by some, this wedding is not that really what many people in England really care about at this moment in time more important is trying to keep their jobs and homes the price of fuel and being over taxed.

The so called fashion world has gone well over the top, over Kate as people try to predict the style of her wedding dress, but Prince William's fashion choices for their April 29 at Westminster Abbey have received scant attention.

Perhaps that's only fitting. The bride's always the centre of attention at a wedding and this is no ordinary wedding. Katei has an unlimited budget and can choose from among England’s finest designers. But do the people of England really care?

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