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England's White Dragon
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Saturday, 12 February 2011

Kate Middleton and Prince William.

Just like poor Diana the princess of Wales, “Now poor old Kate Middleton will become the top sleazes stories for the British gutter press, “my eyes are open but I cannot see?

One of Kate’s ex-’is who will remain unnamed sold his story and photos of his sexual encounters and pleasure’s with Kate Middleton, after putting the story and photos up for auction.

The London Times bought his story with all photos and had Kate’s ex sign legal none discloser with all rights of the story and photos belonging to the London Times Newspaper group of companies. And it was made very clear to him the consequences of his actions should he betray the signed none discloser documents.

The large sum cash was put up by one of the London Times trustees who shall also remain unnamed, the stories where bought because of a undertaking he had made to Diana as one her secret and most trusted friends, to keep a watchful eye over the care of her children, but as he did with her form a distance unseen, He said; that all evil people have a price they willing sell their souls fore, and this mans was a mere £??????  pounds not much really for your soul.

All the document, photos and negatives have now been handed to the London Times trust lawyers and will all be incinerated and never be seen or published.  

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